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  • (Quote) I gave up hope once. It was the worst decision I ever made.
    Don't ask.
  • I think you took the thing I said, and went in completely the opposite direction. I specifically commented about water physics, not visible distortions. Again, a realistic wake caused by large animals being able to affect your swim maneuvers,…
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    I like the level of detail.

    Anyway, I actually like this idea, to a small degree. I've always been a guy who thinks that any game with a "ridiculous" mode is ten times better. Basically, for SN, "Ridiculous" would be li…
  • Even if not for all this: (Quote) (I'd prefer it not being Exosuit-only, thank you), I'd still love this idea. I'm always taking four extra minutes of air to explore the Grand Reef at my leisure. Not once have I overshot and gone too far away to g…
  • In addition to refilling all your stats, it also can prevent real-life heart attacks. You know you're in Reaper territory, you know there's a Reaper who will reach you in about ten seconds. You have three seconds of air left, and in fact were going …
  • Well... dangit, guys. Everything I wanted to say has been said. Now what?
    To "But player inventory depending on items inside." Simply assign each item a weight, write something to have weight be one of the effects on swim speed…
  • Very possible, and rather realistic. Your suit has better things to do than have some kind of magical device that can scan the amount of power in something just by holding the handle (like, you know, obeying the laws of physics and keeping you from …
    in What if? Comment by The_Shark April 2016
  • When I first scanned the living wall, I thought it had some function. I actually thought (how dare I?) that it might be in the slightest bit useful rather than a waste of titanium, and that it was basically a planter for specific plants for the wall…
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    Well, as is real-life, Uranium is a WHOLE 'nother level of crap to deal with than any non-radioactive minerals. Due to the cancerous effects of radiation, I would actually think it would make sense for Stalkers to have evolved to a…
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    That's mostly the point I was trying to make with that one. Not really any relation aside from the general shape of the face, and that it enjoys going after humans that are smaller than itself.
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    Some especially-large herbivores should be able to use their sheer size as a defense, turning themselves into a living battering ram against the predators after them, kinda like whales. The ability to simply snap an Emperor in half…
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    The engine's noise is actually quite inaccurate. The Virginia-class uses a pump-jet propulsor, and it's currently the stealthiest attack submarine on the planet.
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    Actually, I was just pointing out the weird old-man chin.

    Anyway, the one I'm most certain of is the Tiger Plant. A three-pronged thing that shoots spikes at passing things.
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    That's what it's already using, a pump-jet propulsor.
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    I've had that same thing happen, even when the solar panels were built directly onto the foundation. I fixed it the same way you just said.
  • I'm not sure about floodlights, but spotlights will actually eat up about 1 point of power every few seconds. If you're relying on solar panels for power, it results in very noticeable fluctuations. I once had like 17 spotlights and a bunch of solar…
  • I've had a similar problem, and I finally nailed down the source.
    Do you happen to have any floodlights attached to your base?
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    I'm all for forcing people to think. Acting rashly IRL will likely get you killed, so why not in a game?
    in Bait Comment by The_Shark March 2016
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    But the problem is that people in general don't get that it's an option, not a requirement. So, again, I'm not really for this idea myself, but if it gets the idiots to shut, up, why not at least say it?
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    That would be the greatest of all things to ever be.
  • I tend to build my first base right on the edge of the Kelp Forest. Then I build a Seamoth and a Cyclops, then collect a bunch of resources. I then proceed to deconstruct the entire base, store it in my Cyclops, and haul it somewhere else to be rebu…
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    That would be a much more practical use than me whole thing about moving between pens, and one that a lot more people would use. Kudos for that idea, sir!
    in Bait Comment by The_Shark March 2016
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    Two points, one of which I always make
    Firstly, the thing I always point out, just because 50% of the population doesn't want to use lethal weapons, doesn't mean they should prevent the other 50% from even having the o…
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    You two realize that the Cyclops is bigger, right?
    Bigger submarine means more surface area. More surface area means more water pushing on you. If the Cyclops has thicker plates than the SeaMoth, it would have about the same …
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    Don't you have to get resources to charge the Cyclops anyway? Last I checked, it has an insatiable appetite for power cells. This would change the "gather resources every thirty freaking seconds" to "one-time collection, problems s…
  • That might cause issues when I make my Observation Pod (Corridor, attach observatory, remove corridor, attach hatch to observatory), but I tend to carry around four and a half minutes of oxygen anyway. However, for people who don't carry around half…
  • Mothership.
    I do all of my important stuff and things in my SeaBase, since it has basically unlimited power.
    Sorry, had to do that.

    Anyway, I have a farm, my fabricato…
  • I like the idea of turning my mess of solar panels into an honest solar array.
    I mean, the solar panels in question have been deleted because I moved my base to the Grand Reef, but for future games... there's just something pleasing to the eye…
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    And you're saying that's a problem?
    Collecting resources to build stuff is the entire game. And you're saying that you don't like the idea, because it will make you have to find resources to build stuff?
  • I don't think that's a bug, it's probably just that they've accidentally allowed the Jellyshroom to be scanned without putting in a description. The desription isn't missing, it simply doesn't exist in the first place.