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  • Since worked this out to only occur on experimental build highest and recommended graphics and current build highest.

    Otherwise I have no problems on minimum graphics in experimental and on recommended or minimum on current build.
  • I don't like being on water, when I can't see the seabed.. And it's the same in subnautica.. I don't mind swimming underwater.. in rl or vr.. but I hate not being able to see whats below me. I'd call that a phobia.
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    Not just your girl mate.. Last time I went to the beach I stayed a good 200m from the water "just to be safe" subnautica was giving me nightmares, now I'm playing a xeno alien game and at night I hide under the bed.
  • We don't know what the plan is for the surface yet.. for example, they might have someone thinking maybe..

    There's no land mass.. why not? Erosion? Severe Storms?

    If the latter.. surface vehicles would be pointless. The sm…
  • Yeh I'd like to see some kind of tank amalgamation in the game, dual, tri and quad tanks.

    Maybe a slot on the avatar for a tank and doesn't allow a second tank in inventary, limit players to limited air until they have the tech to make b…
  • Well something must be on the planet.. how else was the ship shot down?
  • My take on the intro is that it isn't a colony ship, but an advanced exploration vessel, which would be expected to have minimal crew with a large portion of mechanical/robotic devices for surveying etc

    So, yes company would be great.. a…
  • I'd like some kind of pet like critter.. something that follows me around, inside bases as well, maybe a crab.. or a small shoal that swims around me. Or even a sea horse like thing. Something you can feed, besides the stalker.

    Also pla…
  • Yeh underwater long abandoned ruins and maybe old alien ships would be cool to explore.
  • And get sued by microsoft.. i think not. Maybe something a little anime.. hahaha!! ;)
  • Do we get to paint funny faces on the base as well? Maybe scary faces to scare away the sand sharks? Maybe add a scarecrow like thing.. or is that abit far? heheh

    I was joking about the vanity thing. If you want to be vain thats fine by …
  • Load a new game, when the ship explodes, instead of standing on the lifepod and watching the fireworks.. dive into the water. Now go deep abit..and wait for the shockwave.

    That's what I want to see during storms.. everything topsy turvy.…
  • That's a serious case of vanity you have there.

    You land on an alien world.. by your self. And now you want to be able to paint your little sea base in pretty colours.. so who can see? Oh.. yourself.. only you.. and the fishes of course.…
  • I think they're great. They really make the bowels move. Not to mention are very good at removing poison from the blood.. so long as you remember to remove them in time! (Right click)
  • Fascinating. Do you also get out of moving cars or buses in real life? Or wait until they stop...?
  • It is good, i noticed the weeds go off pretty quickly but you can still make medkits from them even rotten ones. As for salt, once they allow it to respawn the food issue shouldn't be so bad. Like the rotting food tho, but that means you'll need s…
  • I typically get lost within 30 seconds of leaving the escape pod. If the thing ever sank or the beacon switched off.. I'd drown at sea.
    in Automap Comment by Phalaguim April 2015
  • Of the original post.

    I think the first looks like a generator.. which is cool.
    The second would make a cool looking seamoth like sub.
    The third and forth are nice.
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    Everyone knows americans love guns. "it's why we sent them there in the first place" ;) It's hardly offensive and …
  • Point is, that if the idea is to explore peacefully and doesn't involve normally crashing from the skies in sheets of flame and killing everyone but a single survivor.. then there shouldn't be any lethal weapons.

    The intro says the ship …
  • Lardman - Trying going outside under the pod and see if you can pickup the constructor from underneath.
  • First time.. I drove my little seamoth upto one and sat there for 2-3 mins watching it, then it grabbed my seamoth.. which was kinda cool, took it's health to 53%.. then another one grabbed the seamoth.. took health to 3%.. I quickly dove down into …
  • I think the starter kit should be whats on the wall of the escape pod, a first aid kit. Maybe a single air tank and some flippers in a storage and some basic rations. The escape pod you start in is quite possibly the most ill equipped escape pod i…
  • It's not just that, imagine working on something yourself, something that takes longer than a day.. you begin it then put it aside, then pick it up the next day.. and so on until complete. Sure there's much more that needs done, but there's also oth…
  • I voted both.. but I'd actually suggest getting the world to spawn in in experiemental before doing anything.. I so hate starvin to death. :)
  • Same issue. Glad it's not just me.. total bummer.. dying with no food to eat.. Sad.. the last survivor.. Dead as a dead thing.
  • Interesting Video, explains why so many games are rubbish. It's not that people don't have any imagination, it's that they're being pushed to never use it. Because the "next guy" can't be arsed to do any work.
  • If you get 10 fps ingame, because you're using a notebook and it isn't loading the terrain, don't report red faced bugs trying to claim it's the game at fault when it's actually YOU at fault. Not saying YOU are one of those, but, in a general sense…
  • When you reload the save/game, the explosion damage is gone and the radiation as well for awhile, it comes back tho, eventually.
  • because you don't have all the parts?