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  • I find it difficult to notice if a drifter is using abilities properly such as enzyme or mucous. It would be nice to see added UI elements to make it more clear when abilities are used. Some sort of bold colouring effect that only the commander woul…
  • Just checked - no messages in the lifepod.
  • I noticed I had AMD hotfix drivers installed. I removed them and put on the WHQL drivers from march (16.3.2). I played subnautica for about 30 mins with no problem, but then I had the crash again.
  • Thanks. I didn't see anything in the log. It finally dawned on me to try the simplest of troubleshooting steps: I power cycled my modem and router. Everything works fine now in Can't seem to find North American servers Comment by Faust January 2015
  • I did. Didn't change much. However it seems I can at least connect using the server interface in steam. Thanks.
  • So after today's patch, there were some changes. For a moment I was able to bring up a couple servers around 50 ping in NS2, but now I can't. I tried browsing servers directly in steam. Initially I can't see NA servers, but if I continue to hit upda…
  • Thanks for the response. I just tried that now. Same issue. I can only see servers around 150 ping or higher. Tried switching to TF2. I could see servers in the 20 ping range and higher fine. One of the TF2 servers mentioned they were in WA.
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    I had this very issue, and unsubscribing from all workshop mods fixed it. Thanks!
  • Server admins can fix it by adding the two ignore exceptions in the consistency check json file, as I did. I could connect to the server OK and play on Jambi after I made those changes. You could probably email Brian at UWE, or reply in that thread …
  • As of a couple patches or so previously, players can't connect to our server when jambi is loaded. If a player tries to connect, we get a files mismatch error.

    Edit: It looks like the fix is in this thread:

    in [Release] ns2_Jambi Comment by Faust October 2013
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    Look through Person's wiki on Shine here:


    Most of your questions are answered there.

  • I understand how it works, thanks anyway though.

    I noticed a bug today that breaks vote random. If people keep voting for vote random, it will eventually throw everyone in the readyroom. At that point we weren't able to vote for random a…
  • I've heard that blockteams in random vote will block switches even when auto team balance is enabled. Can a new variable be setup to allow team switches when ATB is on? I've changed blockteams to 2 minutes for the time being.
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    Thanks. I made some adjustments.
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    Thanks for mentioning that. I"ll look into it.

    Person: It appears there's some sort of concede/surrender bug that's popping up occasionally (or maybe I messed up one of the configs?). Just joined our server today in a s…
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    Please keep in mind I wasn't referring to the ns2stats based balanced mode ( I believe that was the 3rd option. Not sure as github is having issues). I'm referring to NS2's native skill ranking right now.

  • We've decided to go with the conventional res slot system and are running shine now. This mod is pretty slick, thanks. Does vote random still occasionally have issues getting ranking data if the balance mode is set on 5, or is it safe to use that se…
  • Thanks! I just did some ban testing now. It's working based on your parameters.
  • sv_ban doesn't seem to be working well. It does ban, but reason text doesn't work most of the time (under bans in web admin, reason will be listed as "no reason"). It never seems to work if quotes are used in reason text. Also, it looks like adding …
  • Thanks for the response. I've already examined options.xml. I cannot seem to find the scroll lock entry. Anyone know what the entry is called that performs the action scroll lock is doing, or what the scroll lock binding is called in ns2?
  • I have had other tier two abilities not work. Tier 2 on gorge wasn't working (no bile). It worked on one life, but when I respawned I lost it, but I still had tier 2 unlocked.
  • That's your decision. However I've seen many NA servers using a similar system that are heavily populated to this day. It's not as big a deal for players as you make it out to be.
  • Server was full the past couple days. Servers was showing 19/19 locked. Couldn't join after entering res slot password (got thrown in join queue). Our res slot config hasn't changed. Any ideas?

    Edit: I restarted the server today. Later o…
  • Is there a way to set up res slots for kicking a non-res slot player with the lowest score when a player with a res slot joins, when server is full?
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    That's hard for me to do, as I don't have as much free time anymore. I'll keep my eyes out for this issue and report back later.
  • It seems our reserve slot isn't working. Server is filling up to 19 players in game, when it should only be up to 18.

    Here's part of our config:
    "reservedslots": {
    "kMinimumSlots": 1,
    "kReservedSlots": 0,
  • I got some reports the other night that the stuck plugin hasn't been working properly as of late. I haven't personally seen this. Anyone else having any issues with the stuck plugin?
  • Not sure if this has been mentioned, but I encountered a bug where I failed to evolve and temporarily lost a couple spare points. The points reset properly upon respawn.

    I attempted to evolve to lerk, as I had a couple spare…
  • Sorry for getting back to you late. I haven't had much opportunity to test this particular issue. I did personally encounter the rtv>map change> failed vote random bug again on our server last night, which was full at the time. Judging from th…
  • Vote random seems to be working well now, thanks! Well aside from that issue we previously discussed. That is, the random teams enabled, to rtv, to successful map vote and change, to random vote, but no random bug.