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  • Dear CDT, Mendasp touches me in bad places. Please remove him.

  • I played the hell out of the beta, loved every second of it. I have it preloaded and ready to go. And since Brink was such a disappointment for me with its free movement system, it's nice to see a game like Titanfall get a movement system like that …
    in Titanfall? Comment by dux March 2014
  • It's no secret that all mendasp does is run at skulks swinging his axe playing the Terminator 2 theme over all talk.
  • Christmas is cancelled.
  • The editor issues are known, we had to finish Biodome with a few of these bugs hassling us. The black thumbnail bug got fixed for us earlier today - the rest will get fixed when one of the programmer lords become unstuckfrom more pressing tasks.
  • (Quote)
    Yes we don't know how to map, we admit it. Biodome and summit are such similar maps in size, theme and quality as well. We had 3 months to make biodome whilst summit has been around forever and has had a huge load of optimizations …
  • I have a special dev gorge in my menu that breakdances.

  • I can confirm that Marks and Spencer's do indeed make good sandwiches.
  • Location names got debated over a fair bit during production. For example: Arboretum used to be called Tree Tubes, but I got over ruled on that one. Can't pronounce a location? Blame Olmy :P
  • To follow: Ns2 Diabetes edition
    in Chocolate NS2 Comment by dux June 2013
  • There will be more maps as well over time.
  • The map sure could use some more vents there's no denying that. I just happened to run out of time, more will come along in the next version. Cafe being added back as a tech point is being uhmed and ahed over.
    in New Docking Comment by dux June 2013
  • This was the first ever layout given to me for docking. As you can see, stuff changes. When all the maps first went into development, a lot of the game and its mechanics were still up in air. Tram, Mineshaft, Docking, Refinery and even veil have all…
    in New Docking Comment by dux June 2013
  • You're bound to get some FPS drops in generator, it's a big area to render with a lot of stuff going on inside of it. But there shouldn't be any real reasons for it to tank hard.
    in New Docking Comment by dux June 2013
  • (Quote)
    I can't say I've noticed any major drops for myself or heard mention of it until now. I'll look into it when I have the time. Destroying ns2 takes up a lot of effort.
    in New Docking Comment by dux June 2013
  • Damn. I killed ns2.
    in New Docking Comment by dux June 2013
  • Calm down kiddo? Really? Come on.
    in New Docking Comment by dux June 2013
  • Those are the two teams who are the specific map testers, who am I supposed to mention as map testers? The baby jebus? And I mention them not for some idle fun but because there are players within those teams who know what they are talking about and…
    in New Docking Comment by dux June 2013
  • (Quote)
    No it wasn't the entire focus, how do you come to that conclusion? And I destroyed the most popular map on public servers? again more strong words. I made the changes to docking for both the benefit of competitive and public matche…
    in New Docking Comment by dux June 2013
  • Right, okay, let's have a go here.
    No, please take that foot out of your mouth.

    The changes in docking were to address the unfair siege issues with lockers and departures and the importance of stability along with s…
    in New Docking Comment by dux June 2013
  • I've fixed the escalators/stairs/whateveryouwantocallthem. The clipping on the glass on landing pad has been there for like 100 builds though.
  • Hey nice, Knife and 9L flashbacks.

    But it needs more me and marko tbh.
  • This will be the last major revision to the map. Need to spend more time on biodome. But if cafe being without its tech turns out to be a major hindrance I'll add it back.
  • the white stuff is a bug in the minimap creator. Gen still needs some vents.