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  • This game needs more giant changes that don't fix problems that have existed since day 1 but instead add new complications. Bug fixes need big budget teams, adding all of this unnecessary content doesn't cost nearly as much. This game's mechanics …
  • I very much preferred b249 to the junk we now have. I still hate the biomass system. Even look what it led to: a whip being needed to research leap... Also shifts can't be used for sneaky flanking attacks, which was something which always kept me on…
  • bIOU-an-update-that-doesn't-change-everything-for-the-worst
  • I think the devs should remove skulks in the next patch to keep the game evolving. Once the 249 patch servers innevitably die from the difficulty in keeping up-to-date with new changes I, and I'm sure others, will leave this game behind. This isn…
  • DC_Darkling wrote: » This new build has far far far more depth and strategies then the previous build. How so? How has biomass introduced more strategies than the previous method?
    in Biomass Comment by nsguy July 2013
  • I have no problem with the new abilities of structures and the new shade hive abilities. I dislike the new drifter and absolutely hate the biomass system. This update was too much of a jump from the previous version.
    in Biomass Comment by nsguy June 2013
  • Jekt wrote: » I don't care if you like the system or not, just curious why you think it worsens the game. Because I think it is overcomplicating the upgrade system and because it has removed some of the fun strategies that made aliens fun t…
    in Biomass Comment by nsguy June 2013
  • kalakuja wrote: » nsguy wrote: » Yes. The problem is that the previous method was better. How come? It was so restricted and made the alien game depend too much on getting the 2nd hive before they could even start getting anything inte…
    in Biomass Comment by nsguy June 2013
  • Yes. The problem is that the previous method was better.
    in Biomass Comment by nsguy June 2013
  • Thanks! But there's obviously going to come a point when us playing on those 249 servers will miss out on new and wanted features and will then have to upgrade to the biomass rubbish.
    in Biomass Comment by nsguy June 2013
  • It would free up a key enabling you to keep your fingers on keys which matter most - movement, which is why it's available in Dota 2: a very competitive big league game. Modern microphones have noise cancellation, and there are many pieces of sof…
  • IronHorse wrote: » One of the many long standing issues the balance test mod has fixed : the purpose and viability of the flamethrower How about making it cheaper?
  • There's no problem, but I would like to know which port(s) ns2.exe runs on (the game client). I've used the netstat program in Windows to find it out, but I'm unsure whether it is the same for all or whether it is randomly generated.
    in NS2 Port Comment by nsguy May 2013
  • Is that not the server client? I mean the client ns2.exe which we use to play the game.
    in NS2 Port Comment by nsguy May 2013
  • Wow, this thread is incredibly long for a simple answer: hardly anyone can run this game smoothly. We saw the same thing with Crysis when it first came out. /thread
  • I'm really sorry about your losses IronHorse. Best thing to do is pick yourself back up and move forward. Good luck building everything back up! You aren't alone, some of us aren't strangers to losses, such as the thievery of the EU.
  • When people vote to rtv and the map vote fails, everyone has to rtv again. I'd recommend fixing this. If everyone voted to rtv I can assure you that the players on the server want to change maps.
  • Evil_bOb1 wrote: » t might be fun It hasn't been tried so it may be very fun. A lot of what you're saying is very theoretical, we have yet to see how it works in practice. One also has to recognize the asymmetry between the teams, espec…
  • Problems with Descent: map is a bit too large, a bit too overcrowded with junk, and to win, the team must capture Hydro (unless the other team is very unskilled). Rubbish map - needs a lot of fixing.
  • Draktok, impressed as I am by your ability to pull out a map so quickly, I think you should only work on such a map if you have a vision for it. I am merely trying to promote the mappers here to experiment with simple and symmetric maps. A simple an…
  • DarkSeraph wrote: » If you have time to come up with a map concept and come post it on the forums, you likely have enough time to spend a few hours mapping each week. Unfortunately that's not the case. I may have time today to sit here and …
  • xtcmen wrote: » This is a terrible idea. Who wants to fight constantly in a curved hallway? And are you kidding me? Only 6 rts? Have you even played NS2 to know that each team holding 1-3 rts simply will not work? Personal preference …
  • WhiteDevil wrote: » Good proposal. But your response... just take it easy dude not every idea is the best one at first. Given that his second paragraph was almost entirely constructed of personal abuse it's difficult not to respond the way …
  • Howser wrote: » The basic idea is alright, but its far too simplified. The image is to demonstrate topological simplicity, it's not a detailed blueprint for a map. The fact that you find the basic idea "alright" is satisfactory as that is a…
  • Would be nice to see it native to NS2 though so that players have a consistent experience.
    in Server MOTD Comment by nsguy April 2013
  • What Strofix said.
  • I'd like to see this too. +1
  • YoungTrotsky wrote: » Likewise getting out of your exo - exos should be a liability for their team, that player should be effectively useless if they get stranded on the far side of the map, you should be totally reliant on your team for support. …
  • Thanks for taking an interest in the thread, and for your feedback! YoungTrotsky wrote: » nsguy wrote: » 7. Display next to the resource counter for both p-res and t-res the amount of resources you currently receive and how often you will r…
  • I quote myself: Maybe's it's about time we see a different method of testing, like having a Natural Selection 2 Beta downloadable on Steam that contains the in-progress version of the next patch. Thank you for doing this! This has to be one…