I've had enough "balance". Can we have our old unbalanced NS2 game back.



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    I think the devs should remove skulks in the next patch to keep the game evolving.

    Once the 249 patch servers innevitably die from the difficulty in keeping up-to-date with new changes I, and I'm sure others, will leave this game behind. This isn't a threat or a call for pity, just a statement.
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    If you want to play 249 you can, and always will be able to, but if you want future changes as well, that's too bad that's part of new NS2 and if you want them you'll have to make the effort to update the mod.
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    Chizzler wrote: »
    "It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change"
    -Charles Darwin

    Lmfao. 4 Agree / 9 Awesome.

    Seriously though, I don't know how to argue against it. Possibly the best argument I've seen so far on UWE forums.

    If 251 came out as Pong with a bilebomb as the ball tomorrow I'm guessing everyone would feel the same way?

    Really? I'm all for change for the better, but the amount of agree/disagree/awesome/spam flagging is just ridiculous. Especially when nothing of value has been presented, or *shock horror* someone has a difference of opinion.

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    @amoral there is a steam group that was announced in the BT thread, that was used to organize games through announcements etc. We PTs tested it ~3 days out of the week for most of the prior month, often seeding public servers. :)

    I agree things could have been a bit more advertised, however.. i think there was an in game mention of it prior to that "under construction" post, but not 100% sure..

    I don't think the level of aversion to change could have been predicted.. i think the main concern was sample size and feedback to ensure a more fun and balanced game with added depth...
    The BT mod definitely got tested enough, (its still not perfect, of course, but man this feels so much better) But perhaps what should have accompanied that testing was more of an effort to have an "outreach" to the community to poll whether they would be okay with such a large amount of change. idk..

    On the other hand, true to the game's name, it has never stopped evolving from it's inception to today. Every patch brought a new game, in alpha or beta.. and i think this is because of the "ripple" that can occur from a game with such a large number of influences and intertwined factors. In other words : a game with depth will often become a new game, if it is to be changed, even through improvements. This game, thanks to the developers and community, are all about constantly improving it, so expect an ever changing game perhaps.. i know i'm used to it (and appreciative of it) after 3 years 8-> [/quote]
    IronHorse wrote: »
    @hakenspit you definitely gave feedback, thank you for that. :)

    really should have made a new thread then. I have more of a presence on this forum than most, and refuse to wade through16 pages of a thread to find a game. the point being, why was it not adopted by more servers? if it was more popular than I imagined. again,combat always seems to have at least a couple servers running, it's as different from 249 as I can imagine, but bt was pretty nonexistent until it was announced it would literally be forced on us.
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    I really did not like 251. It is so bad, that I don't play NS2 anymore because it is so boring and unbalanced. They shouldn't build their releases around beta-testing since very few people use it and the ones that do generally want to change gameplay excessively, rather than do actual improvements (which is why 251 ruined NS2, as 250 was perfectly fine)

    Instead, they should develop something similar to Planetside 2's Roadmap, which gives each possible change a thread (obviously not for small things like bug fixes) where players get to vote on changes and give feedback with comments. You developers should try something like that since Planetside 2 has never (AFAIK) made a change that got noticeable crtizism.
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