Hands-free mic talking

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It would be greatly appreciated if we could have a setting in the "Sound" menu that enables you to talk on the mic "hands-free". This is an available option in Dota 2 and what it does is rather than pressing a key when you want to talk it simply activates your mic when you speak. This would be really handy, especially when commanding. I must stress that by default this should be switched off since you can wind up with overuse of the mic.



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    I agree. I feel stupid talking to myself after I realize I forgot to press the button to talk...
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    Don't be lazy
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    Greedy nailed it, please no.
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    Mouth breathers. ugh...

    Open mic just means I need to mute people who might be saying important things.
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    edited June 2013
    It would free up a key enabling you to keep your fingers on keys which matter most - movement, which is why it's available in Dota 2: a very competitive big league game.

    Modern microphones have noise cancellation, and there are many pieces of software that carry out noise cancellation also.

    It should be turned off by default so it probably won't be as common as you think.

    If someone is a nuisance on the mic you can tell them and they should sort it out, if not you can then mute them.
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    Don't make this into Xbox live...please?
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    yea don't put anything in this game please
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