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  • Yeah basically you aren't suppose to build like that but if you do then you will have this problem.
  • @ Vesper117 there is a mod in subnautica that gives you a map and a way to label lockers. That way when you place things in lockers you don't have to open them up to see whats inside, just read your label. Idk why devs didn't have a way to label loc…
  • or just build a window by some lava
  • MaxAstro wrote: » beacons, compass, and landmarks. " This! Also the depth gauge can tell you which part of the cave you are in. I noticed that while exploring the edges of biomes and the edge of the world I would start to swim in cir…
  • I think they tried their best to balance Story/gameplay/immersion. The game isn't just for divers but for all sorts of people, children included. It is a diverse game not a diver game :P
  • AC_AwesomeCraft wrote: » layzorc wrote: » Yes or at least an app in the PDA where you can draw your own map. You could connect to alterra app store and download it, don't forget to like and subscribe. Was i not the one who suggested the…
  • jhoonatand1 wrote: » Idea for Subnautica Below Zero In Subnautica, we have the ThermoKnife, which is often used to cook fish, allowing us to eat it right away. What if we had a knife that could freeze the fish so that it would last longer, mayb…
  • There is no real game mechanic in subnautica for fighting creatures other than diversion and and running away. Sure you can kill them if you stab them for 30 minutes with your knife, or spend and hour harvesting materials for about 50 torpedos and a…
  • Flayra wrote: » ... A game where one person is piloting the sub, another person is poring over readouts and computers, another is repairing the engines and yet another is radioing for help in a dark biome, where their Seamoth is almost out of juic…
  • Yes or at least an app in the PDA where you can draw your own map. You could connect to alterra app store and download it, don't forget to like and subscribe.
  • There is definitely a lag factor with sentries and hydras. Not sure how to fix this problem as the RTS part of the game is so much fun. I just switched to the fastest internet possible in my area (10 MBs to 36MBs). The game is fine until the marine …
  • Sorry, it is hard to search when people abbreviate everything. Even Dynamic Infestation as DI serious?
  • A little bitty thing I loved from NS1 was random songs being played at the end of the round and then a huge party with the winning team jumping up and down int he spawn (losers were invited too). Insta nerd party wooo!
  • I love the skulk bite animation it gives the game flavor and style. I just wish to disable it when I feel like playing a skulk for the next 4 hours.
  • Strafe and jumping while shooting is the only way to do some damage to the overpowered fades before you die. At least keep this in mind if you change it.
  • QUOTE (DizzyOne @ Jun 19 2011, 07:46 PM) » You shouldn't duck when jumping over railings, it doesn't seem to work the same as in HL etc. You actually can't get over a lot of things when ducking, while you would if you simply jumped. I think is h…
  • A few people were saying it was a bug, of course I am a newb but I swear we unloaded several clips into some of the skulks and they wouldn't die lol. They were using god mode. It might have just been a problem with the one server I joined as other s…