Please ditch the base struts. (Below Zero and Subnautica)

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Devs ! Please !!!
Any chance you could ditch the legs(struts) that are intended to show structural support for the bases we build?
They look terrible and are really not needed. When you build bases with multi-tiers they block and ruin the window views.
These struts appeared to have worsened on the final build of Subnautica, and are carried over into Below Zero. Since the final build, they are now sprouting an unnecessary amount of legs (and extra long legs) making the bases look very silly structurally, especially when a base is built elevated high from the sea bottom or hanging over a cliff. (see pics)

It looks like this also might be why I cant build a platform several stories above an existing platform. The platform transparency stays red until I can find a position that's not directly over an existing lower base piece. It finally goes green when I'm not over something already built. Even if there is a great height distance separating the above and below pieces. Not just platforms, other base items too.

If not ditching the struts completely, then maybe give us a console cheat or menu toggle that eliminates them if it's easier. I play Subnautica and now Below Zero for the sandbox fun of building bases and cruising around. I'm guessing there are others doing the same who would appreciate it.

So as a sandbox player, I'm hoping you'll consider maybe these 2 items. (at least item #1)
1: ditch the base legs completely.
2: ditch the (red) "item building not allowed here" rule completely. (Yes, realize the dangers in doing that)

PS... You guys did a great job on Subnautica and are doing a great job on Below Zero.
I'm a big fan on both... Thanks !!! :smile:

Pics example of struts.

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    Yeah basically you aren't suppose to build like that but if you do then you will have this problem.
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    It would be nice if they let you build 'through' struts (they get deleted if they touch what you're building, or maybe they only build as part of a foundation and maybe moonpool?
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