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    in Co_Lvl14 Comment by blueman May 2013
  • hey, you told me lowercase only in folder names!!! omg im suiciding.

    Seriously, this new publishing method is a pain in the ass.
  • I think the changes add more depth and give a more powerful gameplay. This mod is getting better each release, really god job

    Pd: devour add is as nice as it can get, gj.
  • Hi, just changed the maps name due to multiple errors between older versions of the map. New steam id now:…
  • some wip images, been working very slowly this past 2 weeks


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            <div class= in Co_Lvl14 Comment by blueman May 2013
  • Thx for the comments guys!

    i agree with the RT thing and the making of bigger rooms, mostly on RT areas. Ill be working on that this week!

    in ns2_Theresa Comment by blueman May 2013
  • Hi, here is the new link for co_orion

    Lets see if this works for tomo…
  • Amazing game. We had such a great game yesterday, remembers of ns1. Maybe ns2 gameplay makes it different but i found it really balanced and fun. Finish the art and release it, its a good, balanced and fun fun fun map.
    in ns2_caged Comment by blueman April 2013
  • I had a great game there, as marines we tried phase gates everywhere i think and we fucked up, not map problem but players problem. I would have built second base quickly and maintain ground, as we did on caged. Anyway, i would make normal connectio…
  • No worries mate, thx for having such a great time yesterday testing new maps, i really enjoyed it.
    in Co_Lvl14 Comment by blueman April 2013
  • when is the playtesting starting in scc?
    in Co_Lvl14 Comment by blueman April 2013
  • Hi,

    Im working on a new version of the map, finally added the second pathway from hive north access to central point. I will post the map later with the changelog, but i have some problems.

    Ive placed some big props outside s…
    in Co_Lvl14 Comment by blueman April 2013
  • Whats the time frame for testing maps? I will have a version of co_orion in 4-5 hours
  • Hey, thx for the feedback!

    -lava - Erased, the area now is bigger and has 2 access points to the central area. No falling, collision geometry added.
    -marine side north console - Intentional if it doesnt give any navigation problems…
    in Co_Lvl14 Comment by blueman April 2013
  • arg

    in Co_Lvl14 Comment by blueman April 2013
  • Hi,

    made some changes on the layout, heres the new one.


    in Co_Lvl14 Comment by blueman April 2013
  • Have more vents to the bases, that'll make it easier to take down. ALso, choose carefully which bases get 2 access points and which get 3, that'll make both teams decide depending on how the game goes, giving them the option card. Maybe marines go t…
    in ns2_colony Comment by blueman April 2013
  • Mmm layout is interesting but i find it too unconnected in the middle area.

    My feedback, better to go more than less. I would add connections from narrow to gallery maybe also adding a small corridor joining it all to processing. Maybe t…
    in NS2_Artery Comment by blueman April 2013
  • As Insane says, please take any comment (good or bad) as fuel to continue working and bettering the level. You'll always find someone who hates your work and posts about it. It only means you need to take it as feeedback, its an opinion. You feel it…
    in ns2_triad Comment by blueman April 2013
  • some advice.

    The problem really is you made a half copy of the map, so marine and alien accesses to central room are the same. This is (in my opinion) a wrong choice. Marines need bigger areas so its easier for them to kill from the dist…
  • (Quote)
    i totally agree.

    i know this new version is just to see how it works, but onos need to be in. this also means dual minigun exos also need to be in. There are ways to balance the game, taking them out is just too much. T…
  • ok, ill make sure of that.

    another question, is there a way to place invisible collision. Ive seen it (or think i have) in some of the maps but i dont find an entity or anything similar.
    in Co_Lvl14 Comment by blueman April 2013
  • Hope to play this changes, im still three weeks to ns2 so i dont know which is the server you test this on.

    Anyways, i always criticize for good, so dont take me wrong!
    in Ns2_Origin Comment by blueman April 2013
  • I wont be remaking any of my older maps, although someone remade co_ulysses. I believe its really better for this new Natural Selection 2 to start creating new maps and adding new gameplay to it. Maybe it seems to be the same game but it has big dif…
  • Try using the loops thingy into you level, maybe it helps. I see very long and small corridors everywhere, and i think the upper two rooms need connections with the rest of the areas close to them (left and right) to have a better connectivity/navig…
    in Ns2_Origin Comment by blueman April 2013
  • Hey!! Thanks for the feedback!!! That was quick!

    I placed the overview in a folder inside /maps/ named /overviews/ i thought it worked. Ive used the "make a mod" tutorial. Ill look to fix it.

    About the rest, ill fix the…
    in Co_Lvl14 Comment by blueman April 2013
  • First time posting something on steam workshop so i dont know if its working correctly.

    Anyways, here the link…
  • Mouse i agree its too complex.

    Although NS mapping is somehow more complex than normal multiplayer maps for FPS-only, it isnt such a difficult thing. I agree the loops help in seeing quickly the complexity/Navigation of a level, but when…