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ive been working on a quick greybox-nodetail level. Its a 4 techpoint with 10 res nodes (initially there was a fifth techpoint in middle, but with 2 res nodes there already i found it a bit too much).

Id be glad to have some comments on navigation and connectivity, from nearest techp to techp it takes around 20-25 secs




  • DarkSeraphDarkSeraph Join Date: 2004-06-07 Member: 29174Members
    I think scale an pathing look alright at a first look, but I'm concerned about the resource nodes. At first glance I would think that Marines would have a resource advantage. They have the 1 north RT much closer to their base, and I think the very south RT is closer to their base than aliens, though thats a bit closer.
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    Ressource in top left is too easily protected by the marines I think
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    looks like a bunch of hallways, try to find places to open up the place.
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    Try to put rooms where hallways intersect.
    makes it feel more natural.
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    Thx for the comments guys!

    i agree with the RT thing and the making of bigger rooms, mostly on RT areas. Ill be working on that this week!

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