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  • He is also suggesting (Quote)
    Making a game on PC and making it for consoles are two different things, although Unity engine is multi-platform. The game isn't finished on PC yet. Even if porting it would work, that's far into the future (or…
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    No but it is laughable that you think the two efforts are remotely similar.
  • I don't know what the ending should be because we know so nothing on what the story itself is, or the relation of the warpers or even what's going on with the planet.
    All that junk and radiation is going to do far more damage t…
  • The problem is that the quantum flux detonation doesn't explain why aren't there dead bodies. When we can enter the Aurora, everything is broken but not melted. Something that would vaporize bodies should melt metal.

    If there were any su…
  • I was not suggesting a poop mechanic, not seriously. I don't want to add s**t to the game. :D

    I am speaking about that in t…
  • I am a huge fan of the idea. It would make sense, especially for a ship with the goal of terraforming. Where would the human waste go? Get recycled of course trough this way. Have a machine turn the waste into stuff plants can use (while cleaning it…
  • They hired a story writer and something hit the Aurora. I definitely would like a story. For players that just want to mess around with stuff like now, there could be an "endless" mode (what the game basically is now) that lacks story elements, has …
  • False wall panels to divide a room into smaller bits and allow to more densely put wall-objects.
    Actually, they should be built-in to the hatches as soon as one enters (and perhaps exits). Think of all the crud that can get stu…
  • The scientific part could be handed down to specialized super-intelligent AIs that could do it faster than you. They could then analyze and isolate various genes that have a profound effect on organisms.

    But even then it wouldn't make se…
  • I'm playing Hardcore right now and the predator aggression isn't crazy like it used to. It feels more like Survival level and I am unsure whether there are any differences.
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    The game's thematic ideas and design. You are not on top of the food chain, which is actually fairly common to survival games (even ones that have killing creatures as an important mechanic, such as The Long Dark). Adding torpedoes…
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    But there are no planned large sections of land in the playable area. For them to be going from one to another they'd need to be at least partial land-dwelling, like seals are. I do admit that this could partially work in the arcti…
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    What about just on the sea? How about boats that are the fastest things in the game that will automatically go to the XY coordinates of existing markers?
  • I think it would be simpler if there was an upgrade or relay that you can charge the Cyclops directly from your base power. It would be simpler and I read comments suggesting that this could be already done (supposedly you can use relays to transmit…
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    I have been around Reapers and several times to the Aurora without getting killed. I avoided the problem of Reapers and every other predator by building submarines in which they can't hurt you (or even a Seaglide to run away with).…
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    Oh look, it's a strawman thread-hijack by someone who refuses to acknowledge a decision already long made about the game.
  • I would like fluid dynamics but not fully-simulated physics models. That would be like using a jackhammer for a tenderizer and probably hell on processing power.

    What I'd like is for the ocean to have currents and movements (perhaps with…
  • I have two ideas that can sort-of fit into the game:

    1. Teleporters constructed at your base. Would be hard to make and would use a large amount of energy (say, 100 units) per use and would be a later-game tech.

    2. This is a …
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    And who is arguing that here? You are attacking a straw-man, you are trying to argue (with an argument to which you fit your assumptions no less) against an argument nobody made.
  • This happened to me during the super-aggression bug. Stalkers tried to kill me trough the walls of the seabase (and they nearly managed to). I think that's fixed now, they seem to go away if I hide in the seabase for a bit. I once saved and l…
  • Sentient creatures would be interesting and I suspect that they may be involved in the whole "energy wave that crashed the aurora" thing. Having a sentient creature in the game could be interesting, depending on how it would be implemented and what …
  • I think you didn't think that message quite trough.

    One question I'd like answered is where can I buy the Special Edition? The main website links to the Steam Store.
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    Torpedoes, like most proposed weapons, make little sense in the game setting and are simply put, unnecessary. The game is not that violent and is not about violence. Trying to make them non-lethal is missing the point.

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    You want to kill them and the game is not about killing, but exploration. You are hardly defenseless. You can upgrade the propulsion gun to much more effective and maybe you should also try out the statis gun.

    Against e…
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    Than what is it?
  • I wonder what the Floaters are eating and what makes them so large. I also wonder whether they have any connection to Reapers, because their catching-mandibles are big enough to grab adult Floaters that support floating islands.
  • I tried it out. The relays send power to the base even at great distances. I parked the Cyclops right on top of it (managed to even destroy one this way) and put it between the base and the relay. No charging. Should I try to do so away from the bas…
  • Torpedoes are meant to be used against ships or submarines. You don't need torpedoes against wildlife (that I know of), even against the Reaper. You just need to be careful, don't rush to the Aurora without a Cyclops (which you are invulnerable agai…
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    I think you are failing to get an important aspect of the entire argument taking place.

    Taking DNA from one thing and injecting that DNA into another thing in expectation that the second will somehow gain the properties…
  • Out of curiosity, has anyone experienced the predators to be more aggressive in Hardcore mode than in regular Survival or Freedom mode?