Underwater IKEA; or, more furniture ideas

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Our big empty rooms need to be less empty. Lockers and benches and aquariums are great, but I'd like to see more utility.
  • Medical Bed/Autodoc: Tired of foraging for salt and coral and creepvine when you're busy bleeding to death? Just lay down and let the Alterra Autodoc seal up your wounds with the same don't-think-about-how-it-works nanolaser technology that powers your fabricator and builder! (Anesthetic and scream dampeners sold separately.)
  • Recharging Station: Plug in your Seaglide, Welder, Stasis Rifle, etc. and get a rapid recharge at the cost of base power.
  • Air Scrubbers: Probably planned already, but you'll have to have a certain number of these up and running at all times if you enjoy breathing in your base.
  • Cooker: Replace all Fabricator food recipes with Nutrient Paste regardless of fish/plant used; require Cooker for proper cooked/cured recipes.
  • Desalination Station: Pumps in seawater from outside; extracts water and salt.


  • tarektarek lebanon Join Date: 2015-04-10 Member: 203241Members
    yes yes yes

    also maybe add a holosuit ? :D plz it can be very basic like with space invaders in it or pac man

    also we need tables chairs and PLANTERS

    also maybe add sofas and paintings/ship models and a music player
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    Things I'd like the most:

    ~Counter Tops - Wall mounted surfaces that you can place items on for display. Put your extra diamonds or quartz on display to snazz up your room.

    ~Refrigerator - Wall mounted storage for food and water to keep it fresh for longer. Same storage as a Small Locker. Automatically turns on when food is put in, and constantly drains a small amount of power. Automatically turns off when there's no more food inside.

    ~Cooker - Floor or Countertop mounted machine, about the size of a Fragment Analyzer, that can cook and prepare meals from raw food. replaces the Fabricator as the producer of cooked and cured food. Uses power similar to the Fabricator.

    ~Defabricator - Can break down components and items into raw materials. Would be great for Titanium Ingots, allowing them act as compact storage for Titanium. The Defabricator would have a built in storage unit below it that would hold excess materials if the player couldn't hold all the broken down bits.

    ~Foreman Interface - Wall mounted terminal that keeps a list of all nearby storage containers and their inventories.

    ~Bed - Large comfy bed to pass time from night to day and vice versa. Would not use power.

    ~Medi-Bed - Large comfy bed that can also restore your health as you sleep. Uses power relative to amount of HP restored. Must be researched from a fragment found in Kelp Forests.

    ~Database Terminal - Catalogues discovered species and blueprints in an encyclopedia type format.

    ~Periscope - Telescope that can extend 10 meters above the top of the corridor it's mounted to, and can zoom in on distant objects or creatures.

    ~Wall Light - Lights that the player can change the color, brightness, and strobe of to provide mood lighting to the interior of bases.
  • tarektarek lebanon Join Date: 2015-04-10 Member: 203241Members

    u forgot sofas, chairs, vases, paintings, sculptures and tables

    yes im dead serious :P
  • tarektarek lebanon Join Date: 2015-04-10 Member: 203241Members
    also add showers and bath tubs ... hey we need to relax :D
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    We need like a computer you can link to the Cyclops to look at all the status of it without having to go in and a parking for the sub jacksepticeye wanted it with a charger for the batteries
  • ZixinusZixinus Hungary Join Date: 2015-07-22 Member: 206338Members
    False wall panels to divide a room into smaller bits and allow to more densely put wall-objects.
    tarek wrote: »
    also add showers and bath tubs ... hey we need to relax :D

    Actually, they should be built-in to the hatches as soon as one enters (and perhaps exits). Think of all the crud that can get stuck to people after a long dive. The seabases should be clean inside, the last thing anyone wants in one is to bring in something that stinks terribly.

    Luxury things like baths and such would be a low priority for people in the situation the game is in.
  • tarektarek lebanon Join Date: 2015-04-10 Member: 203241Members
    more more more :P nothing is low priority

    im stuck on an alien planet and I need a relaxing hot bath
  • zakhm123zakhm123 England Join Date: 2015-08-22 Member: 207386Members
    tarek wrote: »

    u forgot sofas, chairs, vases, paintings, sculptures and tables

    yes im dead serious :P

    i would love things like that as it would give life to seabases and give them a more personal touch
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