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  • Why are people asking "why"? Use some deductive reasoning and you'll know "why".

    What's the quickest way to generate revenue using the least amount of resources at UW? The answer is to take something that already exists, with name recogn…
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    So, swansong has a poor ratio for right-to-wrong. Even so, #1,2,4, and 5 are completely valid points. Feel, navigation, and performance aren't just trivial issues.

  • Less visible = more advantage. If you thing there's any room for argument against this ... [insert insult here].

    FYI: I created a command-line utility to change gamma on-the-fly to make the game playable. Replace "gamma" with "sound" and…
  • Great job. It's nice to hear more strategic info to give the listener a better idea of what's happening not only now in the game, but what it means later in the game.


    Some small critiques:
    Talk slower when…
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    ... insert your own joke here ...

  • Confirmed - it does nothing. What it should do is offload PhysX work onto the graphics card instead.
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    19 people shouldn't have to bend to the will of some asshole, it should be the other way around. The mute button is a fallback option, not a solution for a disruptive player. Someone that's spamming the mic is also likely not actua…
  • Using 2 sensitivities is common - and was very common in NS1 competitive play. Aliens have snap attacks (sans spike) and don't require low sensitivity. A faster moving alien will need to make much faster corrections and movements. Using low for both…
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    One instance does not a trend make.

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    This used to be the case in the previous game.

    There is a balance issue with an always ducked fade, and it re-appeared in NS2. Free 30% smaller hitbox, more headroom for bunnyhop, with no discernible drawback.
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    A better response in tone, but still just as empty: no facts and absolutely zero retorts to my points. I reply in kind and ignore any and all of your non-sequiturs.

    I can give you automatic pistol, and you'll still pla…
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    Best reply, said no one ever. Sarcastic and unintelligent.

    You do realize your marine weapon is an automatic, yet I don't hear anyone saying it should be semi-auto because "it requires skill".

    Skill c…
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    Instead of cheesy armory lifeform blocking, you get cheesy CC lifeform blocking. We figured this out in NS1 and it was banned in competitive play (before ghost structures existed).

    If you want turtling made easier and t…
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    You're correct that there's no way in hell you'd ever know it exists by playing the game. It's the exact opposite of intuitive and it's a throwback to a quirk in the original Quake.

    You know what's intuitive? Just holdi…
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    Readyroom rules are not in-game rules. In the RR, marines have zero jump penalty. That should be proof enough that your proof is not proof .... proof.
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    Stop making sense. Change is bad and kills puppies.

    That animation is really out of place in this game.
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    I completely disagree. It's easy to say "Make Fade movement easier to learn", "Make the LMG less of a sniper rifle". If you can't distill the reason for the change(s) with a birds-eye view single sentence fragment, there's somethin…
  • Skulk bite distance is hard to judge as is, but it's even harder when higher POV settings are used. This was/is my biggest complaint for the FOV changes when playing as skulk.
  • Move your POV slider all the way down to reduce the panoramic stretching. The major problem, however, is that you're playing with blinders on with this setting.

    When presenting a "3D" image on a 2D surface, there's not too many ways to d…
  • That's a Special Olympics participant lifting weights. That being said, the cleanliness of his pants is questionable.
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    A very easy way to test would be to use some visualization. Download Audacity and create a click track. Record the skulk bite for 20 or 30 seconds and compare it to the click track. This will tell you two things: if bites are all t…
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    You've a very narrow view of the game and it's no surprise.

    Larger servers are fun. Servers that don't die easy are more enjoyable. Faster reflexes are not skill, but they trump smarter play. Repeating the same tactics …
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    Nope. We've the same CPU and GPU waiting time is actually a factor in the newer build. His new card should perform better than mine. His GPU should not take the same amount of time that mine is.

    Pretend the difference i…
  • The distance virtually changes from the Z axis to the X axis - but remains constant. If you interpret this as "closer", you've some spatial recognition issues.
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    For reference: I'm playing with the same CPU (in "Turbo Mode") and a GTX550 ti and I get the same FPS you're getting now. You should be getting better FPS with that card.
  • Welding hurt things also welds yourself (at a reduced rate), unlike NS1. This, however, isn't going to make welders more prevalent in pub play.

    Welding teammates was as much second nature in NS1 competitive play as finding time to reload…
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    It all depends on granularity and how it's measured.

    Pretend that granularity is 30 frames per second (33.3333 milliseconds). A 470 millisecond animation is 14.1 frames. The extra frame would add N/2 (i.e. 15 millisecon…
  • Attack times are based on the animation times. Using a metronome, the attack speed for skulk bite is 127 attacks per second, which is about 0.47 attack speed. At higher FPS, the speed is held constant for a very long time. At 35 FPS, the attack spee…
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    If you knew user psychology, you'd now exactly how ridiculous your claim is. Users will complain about any change, even if it's for the better, based purely on a flip-of-the-coin emotion. Users will do anything to protect their fra…
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    I'd not trust any numbers because I often see aliens screwing off until they can test/play higher lifeforms. I'm also "seeing" very little communication - especially mic. The problem with a test is that people actually want to play…