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  • Rainstorm wrote: » ''That shall not be named'' like ''Co-op'' and ''Docking larger subs'' as the simple reference to them tends to open rifts in time and space, thus calling down the Holy Flames of Judgement upon us, poor mortals haha th…
    in Art Director Comment by papragu May 2016
  • Squeal_Like_A_Pig wrote: » Also, here's a sketch sheet showing some old designs for the small sized sub. Would have been something between a Seamoth and the Cyclops, with a cockpit and about 1 additional room…
    in Art Director Comment by papragu May 2016
  • lol all this turned into a size comparison. My original point was about the looks and not size, since the shark could have been scaled down to the needed size. Just because the artist made it big, that doesn't mean it has to be implemented with that…
    in Art Director Comment by papragu May 2016
  • Well it definetly will need some endgame content to keep the people interested. At the moment once you built your base, there is nothing left to do in the game.
  • zetachron wrote: » That's the best thing of the scanner room - the cams. It should be called monitor room, because right now scanning really is useless. I hope more creatures than the stalker will react to cams though. Have to agree, the sc…
  • Stiletto wrote: » Would be cool if we had an option with a slider to pick on how long or short we want the day/night cycle to be. This would be the perfect solution. That way everybody can set it the way they like.
  • Osydius wrote: » Indeed, it's not normal that, while landing on an alien planet, your fabricator already knows that 2 of those pinkish little mushrooms will be perfect to create a battery... How does it know of their acid content or how much of …
  • have to agree, day night cycle is too fast and that planet or moon in the sky looks like it is in the atmosphere of the planet/moon we are on. It looks out of place. Make it smaller or use a diffuse filter on it to make it look more distant.
  • zetachron wrote: » That! And that's exactly why I feel the Cyclops can't drive like a war sub or maneuver like a heavy weight Seamoth. It's the tourist sub for everyone. A mobile habitat rather than a true submarine. The game doesn't want the Cycl…
    in Art Director Comment by papragu May 2016
  • Kouji_San wrote: » I think you mean the Cyclops, and it could be that the Manta was a competitor running against the Cyclops for this class of submarine. Even though the Manta seems a bit bigger... The Rascal (synonym for Shark, I call it that …
    in Art Director Comment by papragu May 2016
  • System wrote: » To 64-bit, or not to 64-bit? How is this even still a question? 2016 just started, 4-5 months ago the 4th generation of 64 Bit Windows was released. There is no reason to still run on 32bit OS.
  • well its not just about windows, it also depends on the hardware. I am actually surprised that a dev, who already took the time to post here, didn't gave you a detailed information. If your laptop only has an intel integrated gpu don't expect too mu…
  • lol the lack of imagination here. Why does it have to be "Leviathan" we already have one. Why not Twinkle Toes or Sparky or Pepy the glow frog or Lumeel? Ok seriously now, how about Shadow Serpent or Noctiluca Serpent (nocti stands for night and …
  • the 710M should have enough juice to run the game., although i am not sure at what quality or speed.
  • KwisatzHaderach wrote: » Looking at the cave thing there are several things that don't make any sense to me from a biological/evolutionary standpoint. This is all i have to say to that.
  • GTA V Multiplayer should help you while you wait.
  • really good job m8, love the designs.
  • oh and btw the stasis rifle works on leviathans, just press and hold the right mousebutton to charge up the gun, at full charge it will fire a shot that will release a huge stasis sphere that will even freeze the leviathan.
  • i havent flown my cyclops yet but i submerged my lifepod. Just get in and drop some coral pieces and it sinks to the bottom. XD
  • good ideas, inventory is going to get some changes but i think it will be still too small. Items of the same type need to be stackable. We also need the ability to reprocess/recycle items we dont need, that way we can have a better material mana…
  • Not bad, but this is a sandbox game and i dont think it should be restricted by a storyline
  • Raw materials should be stackable and tools and equippment need their own slots instead of having them in the inventory all the time.