Have you ever flown a Cyclops?

TheEpicBunnyTheEpicBunny California Join Date: 2015-04-27 Member: 203868Members Posts: 5 Fully active user
Well I have.
I was experimenting with ITEM cheats in my cyclops... fail. If your inventory is full the items spill out in the world like you have dropped them. But, in a Cyclops they bug out and disappear. I thought they were just gone and moved on with shooting some Peepers. Little did I know that when I docked my Seamoth the entire Cyclops was catapulted up over a mile (probably) above the Mothership. I landed safely (idk how) and just moved on. I sent tons of bug reports so you guys at Unknown Worlds can hopefully fix it. All I really regret is not taking screenshots...

Anyway, have you flown a Cyclops?
Let me know by replying/commenting!


  • JoolJool Join Date: 2015-04-26 Member: 203846Members Posts: 36 Fully active user
    Wow, items probably got clipped into the seamoth docking bay or something. It sounds like you had a fun ride though. :wink:
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  • PunkeroPunkero Finland Join Date: 2015-04-22 Member: 203733Members Posts: 47 Advanced user
    Im totally going to recreate that!
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  • ConeshotConeshot Join Date: 2015-03-13 Member: 202091Members Posts: 24 Fully active user
    I had a beacon stuck in my docking bay and it launched my cyclops up over the Mothership and came to rest on top in a vertical orientation looking like the horn of a unicorn lol!
  • TravikiBiskitTravikiBiskit Asheville NC Join Date: 2015-04-14 Member: 203443Members Posts: 9 Fully active user
    I have been completely vertical , but never flying.
  • papragupapragu Home Join Date: 2015-03-23 Member: 202455Members Posts: 25 Fully active user
    i havent flown my cyclops yet but i submerged my lifepod. Just get in and drop some coral pieces and it sinks to the bottom. XD
  • WhorthyWhorthy France Join Date: 2015-04-27 Member: 203862Members Posts: 5 Fully active user
    Well, I've never flown it, but quite the opposite actually.. For some reason when I docked my seamoth with the cyclops, it started moving downward at an alarming rate, from the surface to the ground 30m down. It has only occurred once and I have no idea how to reproduce it...
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