Singleplayer vs. Multiplayer suggestion

theodoulostheodoulos United States Join Date: 2015-04-14 Member: 203448Members Posts: 25 Advanced user
So I see that there is some question regarding multiplayer and how to implement (if possible) without making the game too easy in the process. So first off my suggestion is basically separating the singleplayer and multiplayer in regards to timeframe in the "game story".

Singleplayer: I noticed in the escape pod there is some broken wires that are "fixable" percentage-wise but thats about it. What I was thinking is about how that could be the distress beacon that got damaged during the crash (would make sense an escape pod to have a means of communicating distress back home). So perhaps for singleplayer one of the goals is to get that repaired, which would require extremly hard to find/access resources andmaybe including "scientific discoveries" (via labs as an example) to repair. I don't think the beacon should be the end-all goal but certainly a large goal to get to.

Multiplayer: So after you repair the beacon a rescue ship comes, however of corse the energy field causes them to crash as well. So now perhaps a multiplayer goal is to work with others to find and shutdown the signal. This should be a much more difficult task than the singleplayer, thus requiring teamwork.


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