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  • Open world procedural like we thought we were getting in 1.0 games like No Man's Sky have proven it can be done and that it can look stunning, so if there is going to be a version 2, thats what I would like to see. new planet, open world, multiplaye…
  • I guess I assumed that leaving the shield on would drain all your power, so your saying that with the thermal upgrade which I have, thats enough to hold power with the shield always on ?

    Honestly now that I have the cure I don't think th…
  • The whole power system on the sub is confusing to be honest.
  • I was able to recover my save and thankfully it was from before my sub died, this time i sat next to it outside to see if anything would touch it, some of those larva things attached to it while I was not in it is that supposed to happen ?, also can…
  • good to know that I should have gotten salvage, Given the sub is used as a mobile base and the player can potentially be a long long way from any other bases, having the sub totally blow up is a bad thing, even with the salvage it leads to dead man …
  • My sub just popped and vanished I couldnt salvage anything, all those storage chests full of stuff(I was planning to buld a base down there) all gone poof into thin air.

    As for the seaglide honestly its nuts no way in hell should that be…
  • did a test, they even attack it if the player is not in it so you cant even hide it some where and swim in for fear they wander over to it and blap it. this is kinda stupid.
  • yup. they are deff missing even used a scanner room to make sure they were not like under the sand or something stupid like that, none to be found.

    guess im gona have to spawn myself the arms drills the only one missing which isnt too ba…
  • Already checked there, not present :(
  • Same.. Cant open any of them and do not have any of their contents. so now cant gain the better air tanks, or any of the other cool upgrades.
  • The game needs a a more rewarding system based on Risk vs Reward, I got the game when it came out and back then there was a hint they were heading that direction with Stalker Teeth, you risk being attacked by them but in return you gain a tooth if y…
  • Was looking at that, people have really bashed the game but what the developers have actually done is stunning, ruined only by the backlash from people expecting multiplayer, multiplayer is HUGE in today's gaming and I suspect its either next or hig…
  • At the time it was being likened to Minecraft, building bases in the deep sea of an alien planet with friends, so basically I wanted procedural server based multi player only to find its actually single player in Why did you buy Subnautica? Comment by Taiphoz November 2016
  • Thought it was going to be procedural and have multiplayer. :(
  • This has happened to the term MMO or MMORPG as well, games coming out these days can barely field 30 players in a single instance/server and they are calling themselves mmo's because they have some globally accessible chat system, its a total joke, …
  • I'v goto agree with him once you have played the game for longer than a day it all becomes quiet tedious, specially if you like a base with windows.

    I think the game will boil down to speed runs, see how fast you can leave the planet or …
  • (Quote)
    some examples can be found on my vine, their a little old now tho iv gone through some changes in art style but you will get the idea.
    let me know what you think feedback is always a good thing
  • Mine is the boss sprite from a game I am making.
  • just to be clear, since you didnt get it, the dev said the recipies have been changed to use something else in the mean time, what are they now ? cos its not showing up.
  • The image in the post above is actually mine also, its updated in the Steam guide which I made for this so if your looking for the most recent version check my steam Guide.

    If there is a broken link in the guide be sure to let me know, t…
  • the flip side is that it makes the leviathan creepy again, having it literally in your face with zeor warning will scare the living crap out of you no doubt.
  • @Squeal_Like_A_Pig you know something is wrong with your design when so many people avoid using something, so many youtube videos' so many off hand comments from…
  • Bottom line, the Hunger and Hydration system with the current farming update makes survival in terms of eating and drinking to stay alive a meaningless endeavour, it's far to simple and it feels like an unfinished system.
  • Yeah forgot about the spider things, the squid I would'nt really count its to large, were talking smaller things moving around the sea floor things the size of the crab spiders but in other forms and less hostile to the player.

  • OK, Hand's Up, the thing I thought was the Human I guess was a graphical articaft in the image, that in game shot made it clear where the actual human is so yeah my lines are off, how did you do that camera view it would have helped no end.
    in Art Director Comment by Taiphoz May 2016
  • Dont know what your looking at buts not the same image as me lol
    in Art Director Comment by Taiphoz May 2016
  • The performance issues I suspect stem from the voxel engine which enables terraforming and not the actual terraforming itself, the world was essential like minecraft but with a nice sleek layer of cloth draped over it with nice textures, when you sc…
  • There cant make it any clearer than that, @Morph_Guy and anyone else who thinks its larger than it is in Art Director Comment by Taiphoz May 2016
  • Why the hell would you compare the antena when you have humans standing in the bridge's clearly visible, some people just don't like to accept their sub is small <hahah see what I did there>
    in Art Director Comment by Taiphoz May 2016