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  • Should be banned for editing his post.
  • Thanks for that little insight into pre-2.0 Soylent. I've been wondering what I've been missing since I saw that NS 2.0 banner on Fileplanet and decided to try it out. On your last note I've actually had quite a few "epic" games that go on for hours…
  • While im not currently in the market for a new PC I appreciate the links you provided. Bookmarked for future use.
  • Unless a synthetic being incapable of subjective-ness is incorporated somewhere in the judgement process, you've failed to live up to your site's name. I suppose transcending beyond humanity through terrible experiments like Dr Manhattan is okay too…
  • I recently got the earlier version of TDM and I must say I loved the living shit out of it. It's the Thi4f we'll never get.
  • Seems the NS2 flamer shows up TWICE in the first page when googling "flamethrower". Now if that ain't a sign that proves the lack of decent flamethrowers in games I don't know what is.
  • 1. SteamOS 2. Steambox(es) (please apply for a free steambox by playing with a controller) 3. Gabenpad available now for purchase ! Sneaky tricky Valve.
  • Would there be a point to enabling DX11 if all you want is to squeeze out as much performance as possible? I've heard of cases where 11 works better than 9.
  • At least it's said that AMFP content can be used for Amnesia custom stories.
  • Finished it in 3 hours and it was overall disappointing. Would not recommend to anyone that have played TDD at least.
  • These are nothing short of amazing more and more often.
  • BeigeAlert wrote: » ezekel wrote: » Yeah Idk if this game will be as good as the first, they've done away with sanity and collecting oil for your lamp The only two things I hated about the first game! Only a couple of minutes until …
  • Buy a negative acceleration mouse and add same % positive acceleration it has as negative in windows mouse settings. They will cancel each other out and you'll end up with atomic precision!
  • ellnic wrote: » Yeah, it would have helped. It's a huge button saying "PAPERS PLEASE, Steam Greenlight" on the page I linked, seemed unnecessary to link it separately.
  • Anyone that picked up Chivalry on one of the multitude of 50-75% sales of it? I'd like a fellow yurop person to hang and taunt with.
  • Perma-death in a game where you can die anywhere, really fast, from just about any bored kid that finds it entertaining? It doesn't sound like fun if you happen to get in such situation. There is no way to make everyone equally scared of dying so i…
  • Align wrote: » RESSURECTION Boy does it feel weird to see what we were thinking so long ago. Anyway, I'm necroposting in order to bring you this: This actually is starting to look like something. I don't think I've seen the movements …
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  • Ironsoul wrote: » My opinions: oh and that Ouya that should arrive next month. Why the Ouya? My understanding is that it's basically a smartphone in a box that comes with a controller and can't play relatively simple games fullscreen on a …
    in Xbox One (1) Comment by Svenpa June 2013
  • Same price they put up when the KS campaign was still on. They had to decide to either piss off new customers with a high price or anger their current alpha access supporters by lowering the cost. I think they even put a explanation on the steamp…
  • I really feel that kinect has way too much full body focus for game gimmicks. It would be much better with more subtle features like stuff you can do when sitting down and holding a controller. Stuff like throwing a grenade with proper physics depen…
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  • Would it be better to put NS2 files on my newest and fastest main hdd (c:) where Windows 7 also resides or on a "slower" (less cache same rpm) hdd without any OS/pagefile on it?
  • ezekel wrote: » an ssd won't help, I load faster than people with SSD as well sadly, a lot of the precaching and stuff like that is done by the cpu, so the faster cpu will essentially load faster.. once everything is stored in ram and etc the fast…
    in GTX 780 Comment by Svenpa May 2013
  • ezekel wrote: » They call it the one because it took 359 steps backwards My theory is they called it Xbox One because the target audience is too young to remember there ever being a Xbox 1.
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  • That's why you get a SSD instead for NS2.
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  • I would like to know how a currency that is supposed to have any kind of value can simply be generated en masse by large computer farms such as was described above. I heard of a few similar stories as of late but the bitcoin value just recently infl…
  • Got this from a humble bundle but I've yet to actually plunge myself into the multiplayer. The videos I've seen of it seem rather same-ish and uninteresting sadly. I imagine long term players vs each other with commentary would highlight all the sub…
  • Looks sort of stiff and I've had enough of that from Chivalry.
  • dragonmith wrote: » (Spoiler) (Spoiler)
  • Are you going to put the link to the greenlight page ? It's the 2nd link on the page I linked. Talesin wrote: » Needs to bring back the documents or otherwise show what you…
  • Which part did you guys find hardest? Personally it was the (TRIPLE!) ghost part and just before you save Lizzy from the chair near the end. There was so little ammo to be found and I refused to even try playing with a pistols and machineguns, neith…