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  • Uninstall AVG.
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    1st clip - I think you're right, and I wondered that myself. I had another clip that i omitted before posting the video that was similar in that it was near-death, but I thought the delay on the audio on the first few hits was wort…
  • I have since uninstalled Linux because of reasons I wish not to discuss (tried to recompile the kernel, got mad)

    relevant hardware:
    intel 6700k (No OC)
    nvidia gtx 980
    Asus VG248QE @ 144 hz
    2nd monitor was a Vizio …
  • I have no idea how to embed or even if you can, but here's a video i threw together tonight demonstrating a few of the hitreg issues I've been having. I can provide more info if needed (specs, unedited videos, whatever). I had a few others but afte…
  • Have any of you heard back from Steam about the tickets you opened?
  • I've left my steam ticket open with them even though deleting the blob worked for me... Figure it's a problem that needs addressed on their end regardless of if this "fix" worked.
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    Tried this... I've currently made it through three rounds without a crash. I think we might have an answer... still, I feel like this is something Steam might want to know about. If I crash in the future, I'll come back and edit t…
  • So uh... I just ran the registry cleaner from ccleaner and I seem to be fine.. haven't crashed yet... I usually crash in the first minute or two and I seem to be fine currently. Will update this post after a while in case it crashes 20-30 min down …
  • I too am having this issue... Haven't been able to play for a few days. Crashes randomly.. during load, at the end of load, or a few min into a match... Steam crashes which then causes the game to crash.

    I agree that it seems to be a s…