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    My file corrupted on Xbox it says “cannot sync to cloud " with error code 0x83860012. I have tried talking with Xbox, they sent me here. I tried logging into discord, it kept crashing.

    Anyone have any ideas how to get my save file back? I will be losing about 80-100 hours of play.
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    Yo so I’ve seen these bugs with the save, but I’m here to say that I am not able to type on the keypads in the Aurora I hover my crosshair and try all of my buttons but it simply won’t register

    Edit: never mind, I realized you can change the keybinds so I do t jump when I try to press A on the keypad
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    Hi, i make an great congratulations to the Subnautica team and all Unknownworlds staff. I am an old gamer(my first console was commodore 16 and my first pc was 8088 with 3,5" floppy). Many games i see, many games i played. But few games games are been beautiful as Subnautica. I think that Subnautica is a really milestone of videoludic story like "ancient art of war, 1984pc", like "sensible soccer, 1992amiga", like "another world, 1991pc", like "ultima 8, 1994pc".......For me Subnautica is the best game of ever. Very good, very good and excellent work!

    Many bugs i see on xbox but this does not affect the beauty of the game. Only one thing left me sad, when I hatched the eggs not played "Monuments of Bonnie Grace" really amazing sound/music (i ear this on youtube video), it's as if something is missing in that scene. And last, why on xbox i can do only one save game?

    Again congratulations, and a tip ... do not make too many expansions of subnautica otherwise it will no longer be a milestone, best regards.
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    I have experienced several smaller issues playing the game on an Xbox One X via gamepass.

    1. I fairly often can see the interior of my bases from far (500m) away.

    2. Already identified species of creature eggs in the wild lose their identification if the scan room is used to search for Creature Eggs

    3. I have lost animations for ladders and portholes although this seems already well reported.

    Love the game! Thanks for your time!
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    I was at a salvage spot about 1,300 meters from life pod five and straight out from the Aurora with a warper by it. I went to save the game and it continued say saving for about ten minutes. During that time, I left the salvage area and the world stopped rendering in and was a empty void. I shut my Xbox off to go to work and came home and tried starting subnautica again and it got to the first loading screen of the Aurora and the character standing on life pod five and won't go any further. I then uninstalled and reinstalled it to no avail.
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