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    I did try to find a good estimate but it is not that easy. So I made the second best; A hive skill end game graph in ns2+ instead: pull request, and hope ppl …
  • Tab completion in chattext is now implemented in Shine.
  • (Quote) There is nothing staggering in a 5 streak, it is actually very much expected.
    It is actually one of the simplest test for whether random coin tosses are made by humans;
    They think streaks are staggering rare.

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    Make it bronze if your speed is above the average speed you need for bronze. Same for silver, gold, and platinum.
  • The reason for not suggesting a better AFK detector is that it is complicated.
    How long should you be away to AFK? 2 minutes?
    Does writing console prompt commands unmark you as AFK?
    Should everyone be marked as AFK from the beginni…
  • (Quote) Not if the map locations goes first.
    I agree if the map locations and names are mixed then this will be slow.

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    It is no way faster than than use autocompletion, especially when you have learned how many tabs to apply.
    Secondly for player names like |1|l||li|l, do you think you will get that right?
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    I too have seen this in other (dying) games. And it is completely the wrong approach to find out what should be done.
    Those that will answer have 1000+ hours and will continue to play no matter what.
    They will have extr…
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    I have seen other games that solve this in another way; by making it random if you got skulk/lerk/fades at startup.
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    Hmm, I dont understand what you are trying to say, or it a least does not make sense.
    So let me rephrase what I read it as.
    Aliens play badly compared to how you would want them to.
    Currently aliens wins approx 50…
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    On which server? Looking at all servers that have wonitor enabled (and that I could find), I dont see what you are observing.
    The only server that really has a problem is a Rookies only.

    Servername / wonitor url
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    Great observation. I did not play the matches so I cannot tell which maps were played.
    I will try and see if wonton can tell.
  • This seems to spiral quite fast out of an other tangent than what I actually intended.

    So let me explain where I am coming from and what I wanted.
    I have made an observation X.
    I asked if somebody has stats that explains X/sh…
  • (Quote) Do you stats for that?
    I mean I think stats tells the exact opposite; overall the matches are very even.
    My assumption here is of cause that all matches started with teams that were created base on (some approximation) of even…
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    This is, as I understand you always true, so you would expect same outcome at any other time? Which is not the case.
    Unless you also believe ppl were smarter/dummer that evening, but that I dont see an indication of that in w…
  • (Quote) I agree, and given enough matches they estimate the faction balance.
    I dont get what you try to say with that point?
    That team balance changes over daytime, and ends up with a nice overall balance?

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    So your estimation of how large servers team balance changes depends on how many ppl on a given team spams granades/bile?
    Assuming the ppl that evening play on the same hours other days, you would expect
    1) this would …
  • (Quote) Was that as as mix of marines/aliens or one particular faction?

  • (Quote) I agree that balanced is not the same as a fun or interesting game.
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    I dont follow your reasoning here;
    So some veteran joins "and upsets the balance", would that not mean the overall balance would swing to one side?
    Or do the veterans switch side ever so often, that the balance stays th…
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    I agree, that to determine how well the shuffle does, we would need to turn it off completely (and hide the team scores) on some servers.
    Lets assume a given outcome X.
    What would that tell about why the game design som…
  • (Quote) I agree, this might just be a fluke, but then I would have expected that the balance over that day to reflect that.
    But it seems there were a reverse fluke the other way to even it out.

  • (Quote) You lost me here.

    I said (indirectly); ns2 have a system that woks very well to make even games.
    You say; it does not work
    I say; what backs up you claim and why do you think that?
    You say; It has nothing to …
  • (Quote) Do you stats for that?
    I mean I think stats tells the exact opposite; overall the games are very even.
    My assumption here is of cause that all games started with teams that were created base on (some approximation) of even hiv…
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    That is not the questions I asked.
    I asked why does it seems like a very very even game balance break sometimes?
    Is this hour related and does it happen on all servers?

    You answered; it is outside the design…
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    Let me start with something else;
    I have been playing ns2 for several years. Steam says approx 300 hours, so I not a new player.
    I am also a casual player, which means I play for fun and to relax.

    Let me emp…
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    That is correct, and completely misses the point I was saying.

    What I was saying was that (a) there are a multitude of variables influencing outcome (b) we have information on only a few of them but (c) if we want to do…
  • Let me ask a bit different question regarding shuffle given the evaluation of teams is focused on average and deviation.
    There is a well know puzzle about choosing a die in a set and still losing no matter which you picked.
    in Forum Game: Who can hand balance better than shuffle? Comment by pebl February 2016