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  • Anyone else having an issue with the server dying after playing for 5-6 minutes?

    This happened to me on 3 separate servers last night, wasn't my connection because I was playing with a friend, and he dropped out as well.
  • I like that NS2 is evolving over its development life. However, it begs the question: is it evolving in the right direction? Also, it's cause for alarm because it indicates to me that UWE had no clear design goals when making the sequel, except for …
  • Honestly, I feel like this game has become too much of a complicated mess to fix. It's only going to become more cumbersome and complicated to balance and fix the previously existing complications.

    I think the heart of the problem lies w…
  • My opinion:

    Fade movement changes seem unnecessary. The problem isn't that the fade is OP, the problem is that you have an alien team all go fade at the same time. Seems to me like UWE doesn't understand the root cause of the balance iss…
  • I like that people are complaining about the new alien vision hurting their eyes because of the ultra-bright, ultra-orange effect, and people are saying "you'll get used to is" as a rebuttal. What?!

    Let's be real. Alien Vision pre-252 wa…
  • Guys and gals, let's be honest with ourselves regarding this patch, based on what has previously happened in other large content releases. Expect some game-breaking balance issues with regard to the newly introduced abilities, things that seem so ob…
    in REINFORCED Comment by hf_ August 2013
  • (Quote)
    There's no elitism in what I said. I don't play in gathers, I'm not in a clam, all of my logged hours in NS2 are from pubs, so my previous post is simply an observation I've made. If you think I'm wrong, join a green server on any …
  • (Quote)

    Noobs don't know what to do when they first join a game, so they follow whoever is closest to them. This results in massive herds of noobs moving as a unit throughout the map. When noobs cannot locate someone else t…
  • Here's an idea for balance test: make everything Natural Selection 1, and then slowly add more NS2 features to see what causes the most imbalance between teams.

    The whole res situation in this game is a joke. We have TRes and PRes, which…
  • So the un-official official response from UWE regarding balance in this game is that the teams should bid on how much extra TRes to give the marine team?

  • Let's be honest with ourselves about why these changes were made. UWE wants NS2 to have a huge competitive scene -- like LoL or SC2 -- with impressive stages, lots of live coverage, and massive prize pools. Tournaments that are live-broadcasted thro…
  • If we keep the Khaaramander, which is almost certainty, I'd like to see it completely re-imagined. It shouldn't be a top-down view of the world like the marine commander -- maybe some sort of weirder implementation of alien vision, kind of like "hiv…
  • (Quote)
    Thanks for keeping things in line, Scatter. That being said, I also don't think "because it's highly unlikely to be implemented" is a valid reason we can't discuss the topic. If that's the case, there really isn't a reason to have …
  • These ideas would also remove cysts from the game. Infestation spreads dynamically out of built structures, and all structures would function as hydras and tunnels currently do.
  • Basically, NS1.

    The difference being the team res implementation exists as the pool from which Gorges spend resources to build structures, class-specific abilities are chosen by the player instead of "unlocked" as additional hives are bu…
  • People are purchasing NS2 because it's cheap, not because they want to play it. Retention should be focused on those who have previously purchased the game prior to the Steam sales at its normal cost of around ~$25, but for whatever reasons, decided…
  • I think UWE should emphasis on player retention. Steam Sales are great for getting a bunch of new people to play the game, but I think most would lose interest after several weeks due to some of the problems identified in previous posts.

  • Anyone else NOT happy to see NS2 win the Steam Community Sale? Pubs were just getting to the point to be playable again after the last time NS2 was this cheap on Steam. There will be another huge influx of people who have no idea what they're doing,…
  • Marine gameplay on pubs has grown pretty weak. The few games I see marines winning are usually longer than 20 minutes in length and are typically dependent upon marines severely out-teching the khaara with exos and weapon/armor 2+.

    With …
  • Biomass seems like it would be terribly unintuitive to new players. Lifeform abilities were randomly assigned to structures (although, to be fair, whoever did this did their best to have it make some sense), which are unlocked by clicking a button o…
  • Great information -- thanks for the clarification.
  • I appreciate the response.. I've found the Balance Test workshop link you provided.. IMO it does a terrible job summarizing these drastic changes to the alien upgrade path.

    How do you increase the biosmass stages? I.e. how do you go from…
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