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  • I just found a large chunk of the files I was looking for on a very old CD in my collection. Fortunate of me, hmm? I have the sound files now. Want me to host them somehow (I'd also have to find a source to host)?
  • Brig, do you still have the original sound files for your weapons? They were so awesome.
  • Thanks for the fix on the gun reload sounds. Helped alot! EDIT: By the way, do you have the original audio files for that weapon? I preferred them.
  • I'm having the no-reload sound too in his "machine gun" model, or LMG. What's up with that?
  • I think the model I am looking for is not in that compilation, unfortunately.
  • Good to see you Brig. I still play, and there are a number of servers I frequent that have active players. Right now I'm using your reskin pack, but am desperately missing that LMG model you created. For some reason I just aimed better with that th…
  • Well that is his re-skin pack, which I have, but he had a submachinegun project that was stand-alone - The M-57 or something like that. And thanks Kouji. Long time no see. EDIT: Looks like this, unfinished.…
  • I guess I'm alone in this matter. /le sigh
  • Don't think that'd be really plausible because there'd be nowhere for the Marines to set up - I mean, complete infestation and all. Their homeworld isn't exactly like a station, where you have halls and rooms and such - its a big globular mess of bi…
  • So the textures for NS2 are coming out soon for us to work with, is that what you're saying? Also, I have a question since I have your attention. I didn't save the most recent version of my in-progress level - I actually found a version that was a…
  • I know it'll get done when it's done but I REALLY want to see some real progress.
  • QUOTE And hes off WoW finally! Off WoW? Who would ever want to leave that place? =P
  • Co_amenability is what my current project is, but once I graduate from High School it might just be ns_amenability!
  • I think it was that I didn't have -exact- paths mapped out for the location of the sounds. I'll double-check on that and tell ya how it goes! EDIT - now when I try and load my map, it gets stuck on "Verifying Resources". Just sits there... doing n…
  • I'll play with it and see what I can do.
  • QUOTE(Splinter_Steve @ Apr 10 2007, 06:38 PM) » Redemption onos needs to be changed somehow, I'm sick of redeeming so early every time! Fix please or I'm leaving Really dont think anyone is going to stop you.
    in Skulk vs SG Comment by Zavrix April 2007
  • I'd like to submit co_amenability, if possible, and if I have enough time (and willpower) possibly form it into an NS map. EDIT - Oops, didn't see how old it was. Sorry!
  • I can see where you're going with this: Marine has better-than-average aim, can take down a skulk even after he's bit his shins off. After all, there's a ton of skill in pointing your gun downward and aiming, right? We all have a problem with one …
  • It's a gun that costs 10 rez vs. a skulk that is... free. Of course you're gonna run into problems with shotgunners. Dont rush them head-on and perhaps you wont die. In CO they have to upgrade twice before they get the shotgun. What do you do? Go L…
    in Skulk vs SG Comment by Zavrix April 2007
  • More to (hopefully) come. As for being a bit cramped - it is, but I know if I make it too big people will cry about it not being cramped enough for aliens to hide in.
  • And now a few more since this morning. I've been at work all day so I haven't gotten to do much. =P
  • Quick update for all you eager folks. I made this room originally a rock canyon, then erased it and made it into the power network, then erased -that- last night and rebuilt the room. Here is my work-in-progress:
  • I looked over the topic and there's nothing there that would really help me increase my frames. I remember the 'rate' command though, but can't remember what I should set it at. I used to talk to Belg about this. Wish he was here again.
  • Don't like the shotgun? Here's an idea: Don't rush at the enemy in a straight line. Problem solved.
  • Ready room looks like quite a mess.
  • Wow, thank you so much.
  • Drivers for what?
  • Really just learn to play a tad better and perhaps you wont have a problem getting shot-up / chewed-up. For some reason other games have survived the stacking, especially Counter-Strike in all of its craptastic glory. If people want to join a team …
  • I love just how wonderfully clean Half Life 2 looks. It's awesome. ^.^