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    Well not really.. Uneversity was done long time ago. ;)

    Started model for fun and passed it on freely to…
    in HMG Comment by Vlaad May 2019
  • For last 2 or so years using quixel suite but before that classic photoshop texturing.

    Quixel suite is essentially painter that creates and uses classic photoshop layers meaning you can go back and edit layers that compose classic textur…
    in HMG Work Comment by Vlaad July 2018
  • Thanx for the feedback guys.. Im so bad at concepting that I use maya/max to block out the object until its "somewhere" near place where it should be.

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    Ye, used a bit of collor correction and lightning condition to highlight the texture. Other than that... Collorpicked the texture collor for NS2 base (greenish color). Should match..

    Even if any element missmatches, tex…
    in HMG Work Comment by Vlaad July 2018
  • Guys, update time!


    in HMG Work Comment by Vlaad July 2018
  • Hello!

    A bit of necromancy and a bit of update.


    in HMG Work Comment by Vlaad June 2018
  • It seems resolved.

    Thanks for support people, happy holidays and happy upcoming year!

  • Dedicated hardcore player here, only one death in last year (drowning in a wreck).

    Game is somewhat challenging when you are "naked" but seamoth removes:

    -fear of drowning
    -travel speed
    -travel capacity (carry mor…
  • Good change, enjoying it so far.

    It never was a game where one needs to rush. This way, game mechanics tells us a story of itself instead of being instant thing. I see it as another layer of planning.

    Side note, UWE developer…
  • Ugh... Bit late for the party.

    Well, idea was to make it available to the community as a whole (any mod). I gave the model with decent amount of stuff done including for most part animated/re-animated scene. Granted, chances are some stu…
    in HMG Work Comment by Vlaad July 2016
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    Increased difficulty is more than welcome imho. However currently balance is all over the place. Silver is overspawning while "expendable" copper has become most difficult item to get in game so much so that I risked being eaten by…
  • Agreeing on some points and not so much with others. I will try to explain myself.
    (Quote) 1. Agreed They should be, to a lesser or greater extent. . How about improving one of stats for existing design? Ex. % speed/hull/depth for seamoth?
  • Read it, love it.

    Anything that ads more atmosphere to this game (no pun intended). Exploring the ocean depths of alien world is frightening concept by itself but the way our playable character is tied/interacting to that worlds environm…
  • You guys are doing great job so far.

    You got yourself a supporter for early access, (first time I broke the rule on early access games) looking forward to exploring subnautica world.

    I love your visions for this title, I hope…
  • Thanks for the exporter its on my machine. Now, besides gratitude, I will again reiterate my question. Asking around yields (something I asked more than a few times but persistently don't want to say openly what I got as an answer)
  • (Quote) No objections from my side. :)
    Although it will probably be someone else who will finalize it in terms of getting so…
    in HMG Work Comment by Vlaad November 2014
  • Been a while :)

    Textures by TomTom, rest by yours truly. Ill get him to post a few renders in higher quality.

    in HMG Work Comment by Vlaad November 2014
  • Short update. High poly going nicely, need to flesh out grip, add few details and that will be it as far as geometry will go. I left a few spaces for Altera logo and similar texture details. Aside from that, need to arrange a few things "under the h…
    in HMG Work Comment by Vlaad September 2014
  • @BeigeAlert‌
    Thanks, still need to add a lot of details though. Ammo cover and grips are placeholders to name a few. Need to think of some decent design …
    in HMG Work Comment by Vlaad August 2014
  • On the plus side of topic, it does not hurt to have it... And that's pretty much the only good thing I see. From aspect of creating a mod and being creative, go for it in Would a handicap system benefit player retention? Comment by Vlaad August 2014
  • Thanks a lot. Ill take my time reading it through. :)

    I don't see much about anims in there though... Good enough for sta…
  • IMHO, reason there are few reasons for decline that people tend to overlook:

    1. Game has become increasingly hard for new players. Ex: lifeform difficulty. It takes huge amount of information and practice to be able to play. In its cor…
  • Skill difference game allows is very big. Mind you, it does not justify the actions of of certain people who so subtly (and shamelessly) try to justify themselves or just have no spines: preach about learn-to-play but so seldom go against same skill…
    in Pub Stompers Comment by Vlaad May 2014
  • Never played Hawken really, never got around in giving it a chance. I'm heartbroken with mech games.

    Idea came from a exo-style model I wanted to get in spark but was discouraged by modding community saying that model/animation implement…
  • So how about this:

    -Make "nanobots research"
    -Make "exo powerup cycle of 1 or 2 seconds" (powered down exo cant move/shoot/turn. Powered up is your regular shooting exo.)

    Exo when "powered down" releases small bots that…
  • Cyber_Mage that was a good read although I don't believe that it will be understood here.

    Breaking down whats wrong with the game can be really easy just looking whats going on... Game is directed to pro play 6v6 ideally, but average/pub…
  • As an old gamer I went through wolfenstein all the way to modern games. NS is the game that stood out for me but much like complex games and pioneers of innovation such as battlezone it had selective audience. Instead of picking up audience from bot…
  • More or less all posts here hold some honesty.

    I will shield myself first: I still play, I still love the game. But many people don't and to try to elaborate reasons I'll add a few reason why my buddies, old NS players/fans left.