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  • The roars are definitely quiet and very short range now. I remember several builds ago, you could usually hear the roars echoing through the biomes before you could see the Reaper, much like with the Sea Dragon and the Lava zones, and I loved that e…
  • I remember some posts from a little while back asking for a way to turn off the blood, this being one of them: http://forums.unknownwo…
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    Agreed. By the time I found the drill arms, I'd already built the Cyclops and a full base. I've drilled one deposit of silver, and that's it, as I'm mostly done building by this point.

    I like digging through wrecks to f…
  • Could try ramming it with the Prawn suit. That thing can seriously knock my Cyclops around, especially using the grappling arm attachment to build up momentum.
  • I believe that has been changed, and you now have to scan the multipurpose rooms in abandoned seabases, much like the growbeds or furniture.
  • As far as I know, they never said the 22nd was a firm date. That came from Trello and forum posts about what they were targeting. Those are not official announcements. They've always been subject to change, especially with how game development runs …
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    It's true you need this as soon as possible. That said, I've also been thinking the recipe doesn't make sense. Just from how it functions, it would make sense that it would at least take a computer chip. The issue with that is it w…
  • I'm pretty sure I just happened to stumble across it browsing through Steam. I was looking for something to help pass the time after Obduction got delayed again.
  • Seriously, I haven't enjoyed a game this much since Skyrim. I tried it on a whim since I love ocean environments but have been disappointed by so many ocean games... this one filled wishes I'd almost forgotten I had. I love the exploration, I love t…
  • I think others in this thread are on the mark saying Subnautica will get some more advertising once 1.0 lands. No Man's Sky has been on a lot of radars for a long time, it's true, but I certainly see a lot more now that the official release i…
  • I very much like the idea of the increased times. I absolutely love how building works in the game, but I have always felt that everything got built really fast, and as a result, it didn't have much weight or impact while playing. Most survival game…