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  • Transfer is gradually being updated. I have a feeling that this room will be chaos now :)
    in ns2_fusion Comment by Mouse July 2019
  • This build sees a set of visual changes & a minor gameplay change.

    The southern and western parts of the map (Fortress, Approach, Servers, Corner, Vista, and Passages) have been completely restyled and re-lit to look more hi-tech. Ev…
    in ns2_fusion Comment by Mouse July 2019
  • A couple of small changes.
    - The power node room in Cooling is a bit larger now. Now ARCs can reach the hive from there.
    - Some of the power transformers in Turnip are a bit shorter. Now marines can climb on top of them (dedicated marine…
    in ns2_fusion Comment by Mouse June 2019
  • - The entrance to the steam room is smaller. Aliens now need to slow down to enter the steam room. Marines can also drop down onto the rocks and cover the vent from fortress.
    in ns2_fusion Comment by Mouse May 2019
  • Small update to fusion.

    - The floor of Stalk has become more interesting
    - The incredibly steep stairs in Observation have been replaced by pipes (you can still build down on that lower level and there's now a bit more floor space …
    in ns2_fusion Comment by Mouse May 2019
  • I've made some changes to the node placement.

    - Transfer node was moved to Transmission (from last week)
    - Turnip node removed
    - Slice node moved to the alcove between Slice & Cascade

    Adding the Transmission n…
    in ns2_fusion Comment by Mouse March 2019
  • - Transition has had some pretification and is now called Transmission
    in ns2_fusion Comment by Mouse March 2019
  • This hasn't been published yet, but here's some stuff I've been working on:

    - The occlusion geo (and hopefully fps) around Vista has been improved
    - The bottom half of Fortress has been opened up a bit so that you can see the Appro…
    in ns2_fusion Comment by Mouse March 2019
  • It's a bit of a tease. I'd be surprised if they introduced a new lifeform this late.
  • Where are the nodes in that layout?
  • - Low lights has been implemented
    - The Slice-Dice vent is back
    - Power Storage has started to boil
    Slice-Dice vent
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            <div class= in ns2_fusion Comment by Mouse February 2019
  • Visual updates
    - Can see the skybox from Turnip
    - The area outside the windows in Power Storage has been flooded
    - The stairs on the right side of Fortress are easier to see from the bottom
  • Moved to Ideas & Suggestions
  • Some quick changes after the tests
    - A couple of vents have been removed to increase alien rotation times (Cooling to Passage & Slice to Dice)
    - The door between Unloading & Stalk has been slightly reopened and the vent next to i…
    in ns2_fusion Comment by Mouse January 2019
  • - Entrance to Observation vent is _much_ larger
    - Doorway between Unloading & Stalk has been replaced with a vent
    - Area around Turnip node has been opened up to make life a bit easier for marines
    - Single door between Turnip &…
    in ns2_fusion Comment by Mouse January 2019
  • Pipes and vents!

    - More cover in Unloading (should make it easier to defend the hive)
    - Cover down the length of Cascade
    - New vent at the bottom of Cascade
    - Passage to Dice vent and Transfer to Transition vent remade<…
    in ns2_fusion Comment by Mouse January 2019
  • - Pathing fixes in Cooling, Turnip & Observation
    - Fixed surprisingly old collision problem in Servers
    - Observation to Converters vent has been remade (only visual changes)
    New Converters vent
    in ns2_fusion Comment by Mouse January 2019
  • (Quote) I'll be removing the snow in about a month.

    What part of the ceiling cover don't you like; the pipes near the entrances or the grates either side of the tech point?
  • This build has been focused on Observation
    - Ceiling cover near the tech point
    - Partial ceiling cover around the entrances. This should make it easier for aliens to get close
    - The gutter has been widened to allow make it easier t…
  • - Crevice vent entrance has been raised
    - Observation vent has been detailed
    - Ceiling in Corner is higher
    - Vent from Corner to Servers has been covered with a grate
    - The Cooling vent has been redesigned

    Layout …
  • There's now a 10th node next to the power in Turnip. Hopefully it'll make the right side of the map a bit easier for the aliens.
  • - Backup & Shortcut have been replaced by Cooling
    - The Cascade to Fortress and Power Storage vent has been rebuilt

  • - New lighting for the two reactors
    - Slice has a higher ceiling
    - More ceiling waffles!

    Reactor Lighting
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            <div class= in ns2_fusion Comment by Mouse November 2018
  • Fusion update
    - Mountains (thanks to @Nominous for the mountain props, and @pSyk0mAn
  • In the next build Crevice is going to be split into Upper & Lower Crevice, and the node is going to be moved to the top of the stairs in Upper Crevice.

    There's also a vent between the two locations that will allow players to bypass t…
  • A small change that could have a big impact on balance:

    - The Server node has been moved closer to Corner
    - There's now a small hole between Corner & Server that bypasses the staircase and looks down on to the new node position…
    in ns2_fusion Comment by Mouse October 2018
  • I've fixed an issue that had been rendering fusion virtually unplayable:

    - The standard server rack props behind the glass and under the floor in Server have been replaced with a LQ version that has 80% fewer polys (thanks to in ns2_fusion Comment by Mouse October 2018
  • (Quote)
    Do we get to see screenshots of any of these changes?
  • (Quote)
    One way to do that could be to scale the elo based on how far the round length is from the typical round length. So an incredibly quick game (a rush or stomp) or an incredibly long game would both be penalised.
  • After discovering a couple of nasty siege spots, I've made a couple of changes to the alien naturals
    - New vent entrance at the top of Crevice (above a popular siege spot)
    - The Transfer node has been moved to the space outside the Obser…
    in ns2_fusion Comment by Mouse October 2018