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    Some thoughts about the recent SnowFox update:

    1) Awkward SnowFox controls. Changing direction by having to turn your head far to one side or the other is awkward. As a player, you are initiating an action but the game only…
  • I was in a pitch-black area at night and had to use my flashlight to figure out where I was going -- and the @#%$ seamonkey stole my flashlight! Arrgh.

  • Usually you can continue playing a saved game and all your progression is saved. However some parts of an update, e.g. modifications to terrain, can mess with things like where your base(s) are located. Some story beats, data tablets and supply cach…
  • (since this forum longer lets me edit my posts, I'm going to have to double-post, sorry)

    How about an empty SeaTruck module? Just two blank walls we can put whatever we want onto them, e.g. storage locker(s), battery recharger, a picture…
  • Nichiren, I agree that the SeaTruck storage module seems too skimpy. IIRC, the small add-on storage module for the SeaMoth added 16 slots. Perhaps doubling the capacity would be about right.

    I suspect the sudden influx of…
  • Hit "E" to exit.
  • Just got the blueprint for the SeaTruck -- requiring 5 advanced wiring kits seems a little excessive.

    I realize you need to gate it to establish progression in the game, but it feels like busywork, not an accomplishment.

  • Good points Zeuskabob and JimboJambo.

    About combat, leaving aside any philosophical type discussions about its place in video games, I just like the idea that a developer is trying something other than the same old "give the player bigge…
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    That's one of the things I thought was cool about the larger rooms in the starter base, they had glass ceiling pieces which looked very nice. Hopefully that makes it into a player blueprint.

    Edit: Also, has anyone found…
  • That's impressive!

    Most I've ever found in a game was about 7 or 8. You have far more patience than I do. :)
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    You used to be able to put either of those in a time capsule. Putting in a hatched cuddlefish seemed to be a problem though.

    I received one capsule that had a live cuddlefish in it, but never saw the critter when I open…
  • With the latest patch, certain items can no longer be included in a time capsule. Not sure exactly what, but when I tried to add a CuddleFish egg, it was rejected.
  • Now that the last two achievements have been fixed, I launched again to get 100%. Below are the contents of my second time capsule. Everybody can always use more copper, right? in Time capsule contents? Comment by Klinn March 2018
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    Unfortunately I think there will always be questionable time capsules getting through no matter how the system is set up.

    As you mention, from a gameplay perspective, these tend to break the player's immersion in the ga…
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    Don't forget we've got a "Time Capsules Contents" thread where you can post your creations here .
  • Those last two are starting to get some numbers on Steam's global list, so they're working for somebody. Maybe only on experimental?
  • The only hint I've found in the Release version is Paul Torgal's Log #3 in their 500m base. It's after the attack on the base and says something about maybe seeing a light down below. When you search around below the base you'll find one of the entr…
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    Perhaps part of your reaction is because you've been playing it for a couple of years (on and off I assume)? So you're quite familiar with what's in the game and it becomes old hat to you. Not the same experience a new playe…
  • For new players, be aware you'll run into spoilers on that voting page.
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    Excellent idea to use that screenshot Calarand, it ties into your message and items beautifully. :thumbsup:
  • Outdoor grow beds are still good for creep vines & seeds. Handy when they're right at your doorstep instead of having to travel to the kelp forest when you run out.
  • That's a good angle HCP, you could think of this planet as the Bermuda Triangle of space -- craft that venture in it's direction seem to mysteriously disappear without anybody knowing.
  • If you get tired of waiting for it to appear in the queue, you might want to post your efforts over in the "Time Capsule Contents" thread. I…
  • Thanks!
  • Nice quote Aenerion. My capsule was not as poetic. Forgot to take a screenshot before I ejected it, but here's what it said:

    Accepting My Fate

    in Time capsule contents? Comment by Klinn January 2018
  • Thanks for the link.

    Could you answer a couple of time capsule related questions?
    1. How many capsules are allowed in a game? Unlimited?
    2. Are capsules only seeded when first starting a game or are more added as you play?
  • Found a couple more time capsules tonight. Not sure if they were created by any of the players who post here, but if so, thanks!

    One was entitled "My Friend" and I believe it included a Cuddle Fish. Not the egg but the fish itself. Unfor…
  • The black box data from the Aurora includes this line:

    "Personnel unaccounted for: Non-Essential Systems Maintenance Chief Ryley Robinson"

    Perhaps this is a hint from the devs about the player's identity. But nothing de…
  • I also prefer the new system with the smaller-then-expanding pings. Like Davey above I usually change their color. Maybe the default shouldn't be light blue any more.
  • Good idea! Thread title updated to be more all-encompassing.