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    Most people won't stick around long enough to get used to it. South African community case in point.

    Some people will say something along the lines of "we don't need those players". Well actually we need all the players…
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    Cool. Here I made a cool mod for you that you will love. The marine start with 500 resources so its extra challenging. You're gonna have so much fun!
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    Incorrect. You will find that fun drops off as challenge increases to infinity. The idea that "herp derp I find a challenge fun" is what people like to think about themselves. It unfortunately just isn't true though.

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    So to recap

    Marines must: shoot at aliens, jump away from them, sprint around corners, do backflips while throwing hatchets at flying fades and lerks and wrestle with huge oni in order to take the upgrade away.
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    Ok then, imagine the following scenario then.

    You just played the finest game of NS ever witnessed by mortal eyes. The strategic depth and cunning used by both teams was astounding and inhuman, but eventually your team …
  • Maybe this will get the point across:

    Imagine a fight between an exo and an onos in which the exo loses.
    Imagine a fight between an exo and an onos in which the onos loses.
    Imagine a fight between a marine and a fade in which…
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    Considering that after 800 hours of play, I still know of no method of combating a shotgun as a skulk that doesn't involve a very high probability of death, yes, I would think it is a very valid and relevant argument.
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    The key mistake most skulk players make is focusing the same target. When you do that, the marines now have an Onos sized skulk mass to shoot at, rather than a small evasive single target. All the missed shots just go straight into…
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    Oh shi! I've been backtraced.
    Its my brother, I swear.

    Anyway, in response to the post about this not being a deathmatch box:

    You don't seem to be catching on with regards to the force multiplier, so I…
  • Am I the only one who actually read the post?
    This is the single most inaccurate statement I have ever seen.

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    So you're saying that noobs never rush shotguns as quickly as they possibly can?
    Well, I don't like to completely disregard everything said in a post, but you've really given me no other option.
  • I play games for the fun of it, and to experience interesting and entertaining mechanics.
    Some people think I'm weird for that.
  • Stop talking about div 1 games. This thread isn't, nor has it ever been, about balance, which is the only case in which reference to those games would be relevant.

    This thread is about whether or not it is enjoyable to be a skulk against…
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    Even match up? Sure, why not.
    In fact, I wouldn't say its fair. I would say its kind of in favor of the aliens. Not because the aliens will definitely win, but because the aliens can run away if they're losing. By "aliens", I…
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    Said it before, but I'll say it again. If a single skulk can't take on a single marine, yet marines have a superior force multiplier... I'll let you figure out where this is going.
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    I think the Lerk comparison is a perfect example of how perfect the system can be, even with the exact same chances of survival.

    Does a skulk have a reasonable chance against a shotgun? No.
    Is it still fun to try …
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    How many skulks will two shotguns beat though?

    And what about factoring skill differential in? For example, say one marine player is twice as good as any alien player, and that marine player has a shotgun. How many alie…
  • Protip: if a shotgun gives an advantage over a skulk, then for balance purposes you assume that the shotgun always wins.

    It is of absolutely no benefit to anyone for you to take into account the situation when Archea as aliens takes on n…
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    Nevermind against a shotgun. How about at all after 10 minutes?
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    What about the skulk's glimmer of hope?
  • I think the engine is solid. This is exemplified by the fact that combat or classic runs very well for most people.

    It may simply (I use that word quite incorrectly) be a matter of optimizing the game code now. Maybe things are being ask…
  • I've experienced this bug maybe 2 or 3 times in over 800 hours of play.

    I don't really care about it.
  • A key issue here is the limited choice of weapons for the marines, or more accurately, the limited need for choice.

    In my opinion, the alien team is currently operating in an exemplary way in terms of lifeform necessity. An alien team wi…
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    For me (formally educated computer science graduate) the issue with learning how to mod the spark engine is not the language. Any language can be learned, and most of them, scripted or not, are pretty much the same.
    The issue…
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    Pretty sure that if a 3/3 marine stood perfectly still and allowed a skulk to bite him continuously, while he fired his shotgun into the ceiling, he would get off at least 4 shots before dying.

    I feel the primary issue …
  • (Quote) Thanks for setting us straight
  • ITT
    People argue about what could possibly have been the cause of death of a 90  year old geriatric 
  • Sorry for delayed response, I don't use this account often...

    I'll post a link to the source when I get home. Careful though, I never intended for anyone else to see it, and its a horrid mess. I may work on it a little further a…
  • (Quote) I have absolutely no clue what you are talking about...

    but since this account isn't banned anymore, I guess you're right.