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  • The removal of the hallway to Courtyard from Terminal and connecting it to East Wing sounds like it would be very beneficial to the flow of the map. Travel time from an outer tech point to the center of the map should never be so short. Locker Rooms…
  • The theme of this map is killer, keep up the great work.
  • skav2 wrote: » What do people think about timed games? After x amount of minutes the round is a tie and/or the map blows up. For a long time i'v brainstormed ideas in my head to see if some type of timer could be put into the game like a Kh…
  • The deep purple running throughout the map is overwhelming to the eyes and doesn't look right at all, its all you notice when its around you, the original orange lava looked much better. I would definitely suggest re-examining your priorities when i…
  • @Nintendows I like how its a building that the commander has to drop, didn't think of implementing it that way. Some things to think about are tweeking the build time/detonation times a bit, also make it flash green first then orange then red. Maybe…
  • Deck_ wrote: » ^ Well argued point about adding a Maine tech that is the equivalent of contaminate. It might play decent in rounds where marines are looking for a way to end the game and don’t know how to do it otherwise. Gives marines a b…
  • I really like what you did with neck and pipe, the long path running from C12 to neck always felt overly long and bare.
  • Ura-nus
    in ns2_sol Comment by G_Lock July 2018
  • .trixX. wrote: » NS-Soldier wrote: » Leap as default ability - marine has the ability to jump backwards 5 feet to avoid being bitten, to counter this, skulks need to have leap as default ability. To balance this, make leap uses 60% of energy …
    in Some ideas Comment by G_Lock July 2018
  • Wheres Uranus?
    in ns2_sol Comment by G_Lock July 2018
  • Mephilles wrote: » as rule of thumb I have for myself (works nice in 6v6 not sure how it does for 12v12): always have twice as much aliens in the fight as marines unless you fight on alien PvE. If more than half of the marine team is on the same p…
  • The instant the games fps goes over your monitors max refresh rate g sync is disabled unless you have v sync on in Nvidia CP which will cause the games fps to cap at the monitors max refresh rate when g sync is on as well, v sync adds input lag so k…
  • skav2 wrote: » Or maybe change the colored dots on marines through walls to a more whole body outline look but obscured when looking through walls. Obscuring it through walls kind of defeats the purpose of having it, at that point its just …
  • I play with my map open non stop to see whats going on in other lanes, not just checking it every now and then to see whats happening, i mean walking around and doing stuff with it open almost all the time, to pinch lifeforms on their way back to a …
  • Not talking about the KDA overlapping that is fixed, I'm talking about people's voice com names being covered in overhead spec by the teams player lists on the right side of the screen.
  • SupaFred wrote: » BeigeAlert wrote: » I'll add it to the bug list. While we are talking about spectator mode, do you also have the problem with the name of the player that's using voice comm being covered by the list of all players in s…
  • If someone made a mod that turns the gameplay into classic NS with no com on alien side and the ability to build anywhere, i would definitely try it out. Allowing gorges to drop buildings where they please, create another building that spawns eggs o…
  • I like players dropping there own buildings idea, reminds me of the Quake2 Gloom mod or Tremulous.
    in Combat++ Comment by G_Lock January 2018
  • Is it OK if i ask why you took slice RT out and are determined to have it at 9 nodes? Just curious.
  • ^ This is the kind of mentality that leads to innocent people (mostly rookies) being harassed and/or votekicked just because they're a bad player. There's a huge difference between a bad player and someone who just stands in the same spot acc…
  • Railguns always felt like they were shooting tomahawk diameter projectiles. (Spoiler)
  • Bad player because the no player spot can be filled by someone who isn't bad.
  • A word of advice: The official combat standalone game radically changed the way many things worked from the core NS2 experience, thus making it useless as a way to practice key things from the core game. That was one reason a lot people liked the o…
    in Combat++ Comment by G_Lock January 2018
  • You have to set the E7 stereo as the default device, and E7 hands free to default communication device.
  • The only problem i see with this is you can pay 10 rez to feign a beacon whenever you wanted too. Only adding some sort of sound to distinguish between a real or canceled beacon would negate this completely.
  • Standing in front of the vent outside of ET going into hub/mez was an incredibly good and easy place to lane block for marines, glad its getting some attention.
  • Mephilles wrote: » why not cap the game at 30 fps. The human eye can't see more frames anyway I cap in game /w maxfps cmd at 142fps so i don't cross the 144 Hz max refresh rate on my screen, running G-sync with V-sync off in Nvidia control…