Game launching on a minimized screen! Please help! (no crash)

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No info about what happened, the game just dont work, i mean, i run it, i hear the music but it seams like the game is super minimized, the only options i can see are the one to close it, and the one to minimize it.
Eventhough i hear the music i cant put it on full screen or make it bigger, and it doesnt crash, I tried looking it at the guide and on google, but it seems like im the first one on having this error. I hope someone can help me. I have been playing the game for about a year now with all options on ultra and nothing happened until yesterday.

System specifications:
Graphic card: R9 Raedon Sapphire Nitro 380,
8GB RAM ddr3
AMD Phenom (tm) II x4 945 Proccesor (4 CPU's) ~3.0GHz
Windows 10 Enterprise x64 bits edition
Sound Card: Supreme fix 7.1

IMG of the problem:
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