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    "To avoid any confusion, let the record show that I wasn't meaning to show contempt for our most esteemed author with that comment, but rather Hollywood, for not doing their research and foisting that phrase upon an unknowing public. I just re-read my comment and I suppose it could have been taken as a personal barb, which was not at all my intent. "

    Yep. It was certainly taken that way.

    It was a minor research error on my part. However, I don't 'foist' anything on my readers.
    The phrase is still in common usage, and I imagine that it has many veterans of the 101st. Chairborne Rangers tearing their hair out. As I explained to Kellise, I am vaguely familiar with military radio voice procedure, but I haven't operated a W/T in over 40 years. A little slack would be greatly appreciated.

    Constructive criticism is fine by me, but there's no need to hijack my thread in order to make a trivial point. If I've made an absolute howler of a mistake, just send me a PM.

    10-10. ;)
    May 16
  • scifiwriterguy
    Hey, did you know your sigblock lost all its fancy formatting?
    May 2
    • 0x6A7232
      Yeah, I had noticed a few days ago. It's all still there, just color tags no longer work I guess. Vanilla bug? Here, copy-pasta, see if it applies in here as well:

      [url=https://unknownworlds.com/subnautica/community/][color=yellow]UWE Community guidelines[/color][/url] | [url=https://forums.unknownworlds.com/discussion/149132/ultimate-guide-to-play-subnautica-in-virtual-reality-with-google-cardboard-or-gear-vr/p1][color=lime]Guide to play in VR with Google Cardboard or Gear[/color][/url]
      [color=orange]Crashing, lag problems?[/color] Or maybe [color=orange]your old save didn't get the latest update?[/color] [url=http://forums.unknownworlds.com/discussion/146169/anyone-who-has-had-crashes-which-can-be-reduced-or-eliminated-by-the-cache-cleaning-trick-read/p1]Upload your saved game folder[/url] to help the devs troubleshoot, then [url=http://forums.unknownworlds.com/discussion/146057/an-updated-guide-fix-crashes-lag-stuttering-and-keep-your-saves-through-subnautica-upgrades/p1]try clearing your cache directories[/url] | [color=orange]Automatic Cache cleaning tool[/color] [url=http://forums.unknownworlds.com/discussion/146198/automated-cache-cleaning-batch-file-read-before-using/p1]here[/url] | [color=orange]How to use the [/color][url=http://subnautica.wikia.com/wiki/Debug_Console_Commands#How_to_use]Debug Console[/url] | How to [url=https://forums.unknownworlds.com/discussion/151752/acituanbus-how-to-download-any-version-of-subnautica-through-steam/p1][color=yellow]play any version of Subnautica[/color][/url] using Steam
      [color=orange]Slow loading / textures popping in?[/color] Try [url=http://lifehacker.com/steam-quietly-adds-the-ability-to-move-game-install-fol-1791417549]moving Subnautica to an SSD[/url] | [color=orange]How to switch Subnautica to [url=http://subnautica.wikia.com/wiki/Experimental_Mode]Experimental mode[/url][/color] (clear cache afterwards) | [color=orange]How to [url=http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windows-vista/guide-to-using-check-disk-in-windows-vista/]run chkdsk[/url] on your drive[/color] | [color=orange]How to [url=http://subnautica.org/guides/subnautica-troubleshooting]verify integrity[/url] of your game cache[/color] (in the "Installation" section)
      Subnautica launches [color=orange]in a tiny window[/color]? [url=https://gyazo.com/ebe39293e6677935a5fc00f0c716881c]Use Task Manager to Maximize it[/url] (Thanks FlippingPower) | [color=orange]How to [url=http://forums.unknownworlds.com/discussion/comment/2248874/#Comment_2248874]place your Moonpool so it connects correctly[/url][/color] (includes diagrams) | [color=orange]Want to hang out with fellow players and the devs?[/color] [url=https://discord.gg/0TYSaqpNv6wffpB1]Subnautica Discord server[/url] <- swing on by! | [url=http://forums.unknownworlds.com/discussion/147726/subnautica-mods-came-across-some-right-here/p1]Subnautica mods[/url] [color=#ff0000]<[/color][color=#f1280d]-[/color] [color=#d67428]H[/color][color=#c99635]e[/color][color=#bbb543]y[/color] [color=#a1e35d]l[/color][color=#93f36b]o[/color][color=#86fc78]o[/color][color=#78fe86]k[/color][color=#6bfb93]![/color] [color=#43ccbb]M[/color][color=#35b2c9]o[/color][color=#2893d6]d[/color][color=#1a70e4]s[/color][color=#0d4bf1]![/color] | [color=orange]Humans [/color][color=red]don't[/color][color=orange] crush at the [/color][url=https://forums.unknownworlds.com/discussion/comment/2296127/#Comment_2296127]depths[/url] [color=orange]you might think[/color]
      [url=http://is.gd/MUobu6]Joystick problems?[/url] | [url=http://is.gd/pTnA5e]Xpadder[/url] | [url=http://is.gd/w7i3Kk]UJR / vJoy[/url] | [url=http://is.gd/wId57f]JoyToKey[/url] | Get detailed info for troubleshooting: [url=http://is.gd/ctT9a]CPU-Z[/url] | [url=http://is.gd/ctTE1]GPU-Z[/url] | [url=https://is.gd/e1lRGX]HWiNFO64[/url] | [url=https://is.gd/iBJHe6]Speccy[/url] | [url=http://pastebin.com]Pastebin[/url] | [url=http://is.gd/ctTAV]Recover the data on your crashed hard disk![/url] | [url=http://is.gd/dopA5]I'm a Total Geek[/url]
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      Heh, apparently, here, no BBCode is allowed. I'll make a new post for testing purposes. Yeah, they no longer work anywhere:
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