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  • I think the update comes out tomorrow, but they had to hold back the light sabers, underwater Giant Mechs(which aren't even underwater they're so big) and Kaiju. sorry.
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    he was going to his base, the ground reset around it closing in an area. He removed the hatch and replaced it but when he exited he got stuck in the terrain. At least I think that's what happened.

    You probably weren't t…
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    I mean the underwater islands, they're sometimes called the floating islands, not the large Floater island south of the ship.. the underwater islands is a biome that consists of underwater floating land masses of various size.
  • I think I found it in the floating island area. you can't trust the wiki in many cases. it's either info pertaining to new fragment locations for PC or it's just completely wrong.
  • one controller for each limb?...... it's time to form Voltron.

    "ya'll can do the treading, swing energy machete and when we come together I'll form the head."
  • if you want to limit the number of each species in an aquarium, simply toss in two fish and let them breed out of control Grab all of them out. Do this for each type of fish you want in the large aquarium. Each time the aquarium fills up you just pu…
  • it's a amazing how many times peoples unknown world generated avatars fit their posts/attitude. here here. sally forth.

    these kinds of posts typically flood sites, regardless of the game or even if it's a preview program.

    in so Comment by killenjoke May 2016
  • this would be interesting, I'm also wondering if they'll ever pull an ARk and put modded content into the game. The latest addition to ARK, the center map, is a modded map created by PC users, and not only is it gorgeous, but it's actually better op…
    in Map Maker Comment by killenjoke May 2016
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    well, you use your wits to use your weapons. lets not pretend the survivor is putting up scooby doo traps to catch reaper leviathans and unmask them.

    we just need Knives, rope, dagger,rocks, chains, laser beams and acid…
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    thank you.

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    the electrical defense is not working well for me at all. Bone sharks often just shrug it off. If they do flee it can't e very far seems like they are always right there when I exit the sea moth. It's radius seems very small, if th…
  • (Quote) Yes, no need to kill the sea emperor, I would look deeper into the story elements we know.[/quote]

    if there's even a 1% chance he coulc be our enemy, then we should take it as an absolute certainty..... he's dead.
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    does it save the terrain changes when you exit the game? my guess is no. That feature was removed. Likely they will completely remove the Terraformer with the next update, that will include the console command version and the fragm…
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    then role play your principle and be fictionally moral. while other people want proper ways to survive and defend themselves.

    a game with multiple ways to kill doesn't have to revolve around killing either. Ark has tons…
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    your first statement pretty much removes any chance for you to "Logic" your way through this. you and the devs say there's no ways to kill in this game and there shouldn't be... there are... multiple. They're just annoying, tedious…
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    propulsion cannon, plus rock. Kills most fish, you also have a knife and your main source of food is fish that you cook with lasers.... maybe not so non-violent after all, huh?
  • so, we shouldn't kill the fish that try to kill us, but killing the harmless fish is fine........Seems legit devs.

    give us trangs, make it so we can cut the looming stingers from the ceiling. give us some way to defend our selves. Sonic/…
  • In the current game climate, you'll very rarely ever get a release date on updates until it's put through cert testing and Microsoft has given the thumbs up and the developer is prepping for launch. That's usually a window of a week.

  • you can keep cutting it after your inventory is full, it will eventually disappear, you just won't get the items.
  • suggestions when creating polls, try to put like categories together. Coop is a huge game element that would require a lot of work, where as everything else is a simple item/items or an addition to an item. Not to mention when you stack anything aga…
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    the wiki with all of the commands. I think most work on the console, though adm…
  • I think it might be out of there hands. meaning it's done, but it's currently in Cert testing. For the most part the update was just porting the current version to the xbox with some bug fixes for things like the blueprints and the mobile vehicle ba…
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    unfortunately the consoles limitations won't let them add the terraformer to the console version, and they plan on removing it from the PC version entirely as well.

    But they really do need to fix the issue with terrain …
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    If I'm not mistaken, the mechanic for slowing the day cycle down is in the game, it's just not a part of the main system, I think the only way to access it right now is through console commands. Hopefully they will add it, I'd like…
  • it's not actually freezing the game, there is an issue with the UI and the menu. if you press RB,LB and A at the same time you will pull up the console commands, then you back out and it will unlock the screen, but unfortunately this is a pretty com…
  • I found the repulsion cannon fragments they were in the grassy plateu in the larger wreck near the drop off that leads to the koosh and mushroom forest biomes. this is pretty far north;north east and almost parallel to the Aurora.

    isn't …
  • inside? weird. The koosh biome is where I'm needing it. apparently the Bone sharks love how I taste, even if I scan around 100% of the area around my seamoth there is always one ready to attack me the second I pop out. I'm trying to find the moonpoo…
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    1. yes. More upgrades and modifications. This is kind of the leveling system of the game. to me, the modification station should be one of the starting blueprints and the upgrades and modifications are fragments that you either fin…
  • Cert is always a pain. I get why Microsoft does it, but it really seems like they drag feet on the third party updates. I thought it was a rigid schedule of 6 days. But I know I've seen it take over 2 weeks or more for games like project spark.
  • Hej, Velkommen.(hopefully that syntax and spelling is correct.)

    your spelling and grammar are actually better than most English speaking people.

    they definitely want multiplayer, but had to scrap it early on, as they original…