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  • Give us the gamut of logic statements in the form of blocks, and a neutral logic-carrying wire block.
    Then maybe add two outputs to the sensor blocks, one for true and one for false.
    That way we can form little finite-state machine bombs…
  • Can't attach images after the fact so have a pic of a man who now has many millions of dollars.
  • Geeks "Gamers" are just mad that a website for people with friends is getting involved in their secret-underground VR wet dream.
  • Facebook stopped being about facebook.com a long time ago and Zuck is right, the true potential of Oculus isn't just in video games. In the long view, video games are just peanuts.
    Also I am legit happy for the Oculus founders, 2 Bil is a seri…
  • I played NS for the first time at an internet Cafe before I had my own computer.
    NS2 is cool and beautiful but it's not fast/dynamic enough to satisfy my urges these days.

  • This is great and you should feel great about it.
  • DLP will still look the best due to the fact that each pixel is itself completely filled with the desired color.
    As opposed to LCD/CRT/OLED which all have a red,green and blue section stuffed super close to each other.

    Digital micr…
  • "It has WIFI like every other television for the last two years!"
    "Also, um, ports for plugging wires into!"
    "Your family will love watching two separate TV shows simult…
  • I remember the pushback from the pistols being large enough to the point where you could pin other players up into the corners of the skybox with a little teamwork.
    in The Pit! Comment by Xyth September 2013
  • Nice.
    Until it made me realize that the new generation will have no idea what Bash was
    in NSBash Comment by Xyth September 2013
  • (Quote) Hey guy you just don't understand. My hand is able to feel the (5/6400)" error rate of this optical sensor while trying to click on shoot-guns pixel-mans!
    You are probably the type of person who prefers the heartless corporate feel …
  • g400 is what I use, best mouse I've ever had. Then again I haven't had all that many mice (of the mechanical kind at least).
    If you are worried about the body of the mouse I know that the Rat 9 (while looking like a deformed robot fetus) has t…
  • I really have to ask for you to elaborate on what they did wrong.
    A bought a keyboard/mouse combo at a yardsale years ago. The rubber on the mouse started to peel. They offered to replace it with the newest iteration of the series for free.
  • Logitech is renowned for their stellar customer service...
    Lets not get into brand bias though considering most of these companies use the same sensors anyway.
    On that note, if you want to compare the accuracy of each sensor based on the…
  • Holy lawly, lets get a few things straight:

    A Laser based sensor will always be more accurate and capable of higher resolution than an LED based tracking system. Laser-diodes have a smaller bandwidth than 'typical' LEDs meaning th…
  • Here, have a bonus video of my friends S3 getting destroyed when the quadcopter carrying it fails
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    A valuable education indeed

  • What's up NC buddy, how far from the queens city are you?
  • But what if it meant 0x42?! It is a robot after all
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    Welcome to hell
  • (Quote)
    Hey man, you got a custom title referencing a Mario64 speed run video, that's something!

    Align, I don't know how I'd survive without being able to cook chicken all the time so you get my respect. Also, I just this minut…
  • Looks like a generic COD-esque FPS?
  • (Quote)
    Which is why being a military-industrial complex is a sound choice, especially this far up the exponential technology curve.

    Money gets you power(political or otherwise) and power gets you money. It's a positive feedbac…
  • Back handed insults, man.
  • omg the chromatic aberration in the picture with the 3 cups, excellent
  • They seem to have conveniently excluded the pieces that make it ugly and stupid
    Just kidding, it's made entirely out of those pieces!
  • I believe the heart of the issue is that wealth and power are positive feedback systems if, and only if, wealth and power beget one another. In the US (and other countries I am sure) wealth and power are so closely related it's hard to separate them…
  • Overclocking aside, after market fans are also quieter/higher quality. In some cases significantly so.
  • They call it the xbox one because you turn one*pi radians and walk away.
    in Xbox One (1) Comment by Xyth May 2013
  • The visual similarity between my graphics card and a stealth bomber is of the utmost importance.
    in GTX 780 Comment by Xyth May 2013