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  • Probably was that update, but there used to be pretty much no difference between being outside and in the base. Now it is much brighter outside, and darker in the base. There is something different they did with the glass, and it didn't improve it I…
  • Of course 90% of the people you talk to in massive multiplayer survival games aren't interested in single player... talk about a biased sample.

    There is already a ton of stuff they have on their list to work on for the single player, and…
  • You can easily build 8 or 10 solar panels (probably more) on top for 200-250 energy. Unless you're always out of the sunlight, it should be plenty.

    However I like the idea of actual integrated solar panels that you can craft into the bac…
  • (Quote)
    Not everything needs to have some gameplay element to exist. I would be happy to build a static bed that does absolutely nothing other than look pretty in a base, because it adds to the atmosphere, depth, and realism of the world. …
  • Good idea. Would love to build a bed or an entire room (with bed, table, lamp and bookshelf :D). While night is short, I think the base…
  • ^ Found the philosopher ;)
  • You can build solar cells on the cyclops currently (I have 8, so it can charge up to 200). Haven't put a new power cell in it once.

    Power in this game is virtually useless at the moment though except for fabricating and charing a sea mot…
  • I think an air purification room would be a solid addition to bases. Make them more believable, and require power to run as well.
    in air Comment by Tydal November 2015
  • Yes it is very unique, but let's not be so quick to heap praise on where it is now while forgetting that it is still a long way from where it could be.

    Past a certain point, there is no real reason to play the game (I have around 50 hour…
  • Does this do anything in Freedom mode? Can you still build it, and if so, what does it do (seeing as water has no point in freedom)?
  • The Cyclops is awesome, just take it everywhere.
  • One thing that seems whack to me is that the lights are always on, even before you have power. Build a titanium corridor and a hatch in the bottom of the ocean? Boom, it's brightly lit.

    It really makes having base power kind of useless e…
  • Yeah there are tons of achievements that would work great with this game. I think they are holding off on adding them until it's more complete though.
  • On the one hand, I'd love a map. On the other, I have purposefully refused looking at the biome map because I know that having maps in video games makes the world seem a whole lot smaller.

    One of the draws of Subnautica is mystery and di…
  • Hope you guys had a good time. You should all go scuba diving as a team (or cave diving in Mexico) if you haven't done so already. You know, for inspiration. Like when the Far Cry 2 team took a trip to Africa.
  • These are excellent ideas.

    The specific rooms would be awesome... a cartography room?! With a 3d map of what you have discovered so far? Maybe to create more of the map you have to keep pinging places with the Seamoth sonar (or a special…
  • Distance activation would be great, as well as categories such as Vehicles, Bases, and Places of Interest.

    A long press of Q or the toggle key brings up a menu of those categories and you can toggle specific ones on or off from there.