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This game is a gem. I love it to bits. Its so extremely charming and great from its looks to the progression through everything. Love. it. I just wanted to give a word to the devs and hope they see this. I want this game to keep its uniqueness. There are so many sandbox survival games and they are all the same. Yes they did and are doing well. Rust, Ark and H1Z1 they have all done great but i'm tired of seeing the same format and look and idea. I want something new and different from a survival game and subnautica gives that. It looks so much better and its not about guns/armor and raids and PVP or god forbid grindy crafting that takes 5 hours to build even a small house. I don't want this game to become like every other Sandbox, its special and it should keep its exceptionally unique style :)


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    Amen brother (even though I'm not religious, but let's keep those discussions away)
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    Yes it is very unique, but let's not be so quick to heap praise on where it is now while forgetting that it is still a long way from where it could be.

    Past a certain point, there is no real reason to play the game (I have around 50 hours according to steam) and there is no real sense of danger, or scarcity, or progression, nor a purpose to some of the coolest things in the game (like base building). There is still a long way to go before this game realizes its potential. But for the dev time so far, they really have created something wonderful.
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    I think it is easier to work on the operation and the history ... otherwise history could bring things too complicated to realize ... imagine a story with aliens and there's fighting there would too many thing to put in place

    Define operation can not scatter in complicated things .. and stay in a feasible part of history ... This will not prevent the story from being exciting
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