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  • I found the cause of my save data corruption. The Quarantine Enforcement Platform. This is the area where when I save it corrupts the save file. And by save if I save within 500meters of the place
  • I just had this bug and now 8 hours of save data is just ****ing gone. "Save data loading failed (A null value was found where an object instance was required). 8 HOURS GONE PEOPLE!!! I understand "Early Access" but wowee. This one takes the cake. I…
  • I can understand "Under development" as I have bought 2 other "Under Development" games and even they do not have this much lag. I can play ARK for example with lag only once every 30-45 minutes. And they are still developing it
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    Well that's great, but what are we supposed to do in the meantime? Close our eyes and pretend we aren't lagging horribly??? There is a lot of things they can do to make the game more compatible with Xbox One. I mean, look at ESO. L…
  • This is completely unacceptable...can we get a performance fix BEFORE YOU ADD MORE CONTENT??? I'd like to be able to enjoy the content we ALREADY HAVE, and wait and wonder what will be next. But this is becoming hard because with the lag, it makes t…
  • I dont have an Xbox One S...I have a plain Xbox One...saving my money for Xbox Scorpio
  • Plus I also have enough inventory space to "pick it up" but i cant do anything with it. And I am not about to swim back to the Lifepod I came from through the stalkers empty-handed...and I did try Scanning it but to absolutely no avail
  • I can play SN offline, but only if I connect to SN when my Xbox is connected and then disconnect.

    Step 1: Start Xbox with internet going
    Step 2: Launch Subnautica
    Step 3: Disconnect internet
    Step 4: Play Subnautica (wit…
  • they made an update to find the issues with another update? That's kinda funny
  • Im going to keep playing the game and Ill use this post to remark on any more bugs I notice in game. Hopefully others will as well so the devs know what to look for
  • Guess at this point it would be swim as fast as you can to get to it XD
  • A) Bulhead doors wont open AT ALL. I literally have to decontruct them to get past them