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  • I had a slightly similar problem. Someone recommended deleting all my content inside my "%APPDATA%/natural selection 2/Workshop" folder and it solved my problem. I recommend backing it up first though.

    I remember opening the server brows…
  • I initially thought this thread was about having a smaller playable lifeform. I.e. a tad bigger than a babbler. Could be interesting (if we're able to find a use to it... maybe a mass parasiter with poor bites ?).

    I disagree with the res…
  • iirc iamsquad5 in console (I recall reading; not sure if it still works).
  • Is there anyway to use the old animations ?

    (Yes the new look better, but I find them more annoying)

    I also feel like I'm getting a shotgun now, when I'm getting the LMG (due to the transition between the two different animat…
  • Something that I'm surprised wasn't suggested regarding silence is to simply silence moving/running, but not jumping. This would help bad players since they don't wall jump and discourage good players since they do; while still being useful.
  • Sadly new hitbox pretty much give away any chance of winning a 1v1 when res-biting. Before jumping on the marine at the last moment was much more effective.

    I'd certainly like this to be changed / reverted.
  • (Quote)
    Isn't that a weak argument ?

    Doesn't that means that it is still possible to see a server showing more lag while being less laggy, but with bars ?
  • I am very annoyed with the new feature of voting for the last round played. At least make it a small popup, not taking half the screen, preventing most keys & mouse controls, and being not closable.

    Very annoyed with this. Also it ca…
  • Stab definitely got "nerfed" in the sense that focus can now do the job of stab (bypass med spam to kill), but it is still useful to hit RTs and surprise attack marines unaware of your presence (quite deadly with focus, as it stacks iirc). It just r…
  • Remove it, but keep for commander (apparently they have it :o ?)
  • (Quote)
    Either way you'll never always-notice how expose you are... b276 skulk made more sense to me. Seeing only the head vs a noticeable part of the body...


    Care to link the "popular request" ? Doesn't seem …
  • Same thing with Wolfsden (16p max) and Bluesomething (a 22-24 player max) ; after trying a second time on the Bluesomething server, I got a "k" popup (instead of the "ua/[...]" ; dunno if their server is modded). I believe it might be because the se…
  • Good ideas.
    Not sure if it is regarding the icon, but if so a tooltip (mini-popups when hovering mouse, as for badges) could solve that.
  • (Quote)
    :o interesting. Did you have the chinese mod installed ?

    EDIT : I did change both my Windows 7 "dis…
    in B281 Comment by RedSword January 2016
  • (Quote)
    The problem is, with current build, a JP/CN/KO might choose its language, do "wtf, sigh" then quit/have to revert. It would feel "right" to at least get the mod for you when you choose those languages.
  • (Quote)
    Thanks for the info. I tried Chinese (simplified) and still failed to see any chinese characters. I would have believed that with this patch, those languages wouldn't only be added because they have more 20% (as the post you linked…
    in B281 Comment by RedSword January 2016
  • Incoherence in the JP traduction : Armor 1, while specing is "1", armor 2 is "2", while Weapon 1 is "Weapon 1" (armor doesn't even have English "armor" written).

    Aliens have no "you win", marines have "Marine" instead of "Marine wins".
    in B281 Comment by RedSword January 2016
  • The japanese version seems to have a very japanese menu 1e5uuao4azb3.jpg

    The server browser doesn't seem translated. And as I enter a game I wonder, is t…
    in B281 Comment by RedSword January 2016
  • "Added Chinese, Japanese and Romanian as language options"

    Does that mean we'll be able to write non-latin/cyrilic by default at some point ? As I try to type hiraganas/kanjis (japanese) I find myself unable to see or send anything.
  • (Quote)
    "No one" uses it because it is a late game ability, not a lot of people fade, and even fewer understand how powerful stab is (1 hit kill no armor...). I'd also say that it is the hardest skill to use (as you said it prevents blinki…
  • Since you'd be "coaching"; you would have almost none of the keys binded to anything useful, so having 2 mic key wouldn't be a problem; you could even perma-write on the screen the keyshortcut initially (i.e. "e" for all-team vocal chat, while "v" w…
  • Just wait for him to silently remove it and put it back again & again <evil laugh/>.

  • (Quote)
    "a bit"

    A lot
  • (Quote)
    That could be said about pretty much everything. <sarcasm> I'm pretty sure rookies want to know the time spent in each lifeform </sarcasm>. Does a rookie even care about player damage ? etc. You could always make the co…
  • I'd personally like a "Structure Damage" but for resources tower only. It is a bit sad to see your structure damage stat get beaten by a gorge that biles a pack of buildings, or an onos, which sometimes do not contribute as much to victory as the sk…
  • Another idea would be maybe some kind of "adrenaline" sap; making it only longer to bite the RT; or also only electrify around the RT and not ontop (to still allow biting, just in a well worst manner).

    Just some ideas.
  • Why not make a white one ?
  • @_INTER_, we're saying that ";" is used to separate commands. It doesn't seem to be related to incorrect parsing; it seems (to me) that it could be incorrectly used. I'm n…