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  • Hectorrose wrote: » I have played sub 4 times through and have many hours in creative and I have some suggestions for the game. -wreaks whenever I play sub, I always have to look up the location of all the wreaks, so a fix for this would be t…
  • No proble
  • You can find its Fragment in the Wrecks biome. Cant remember if they change this. Did u creat a new game after the update?
  • Rly cool this Eclipse.. But i think this "planet or moon" its TOOOOOO big '-'
  • On the link scroll the page to the right.
  • Its on the same "menu tabe" as Titanium, only show after u pick up some creepvine seed (yellow things on the creepvine).
  • In this link: Ability to quit to main menu - Polish (July)
  • Bugzapper wrote: » It's probably worth mentioning that quartz (SiO2) is one of the major components of ordinary beach sand. Damn shame we can't just scoop up a few handfuls of sand, pop it in the Fabricator and make a sheet of glass... Aw,…
  • Cool idea. It can also be used to improve the PET system
  • MelonLumpsMC wrote: » Subnautica is an amazing game and i have it downloaded on steam but i own a mac and i was very dissapointed when i found out that such an amazing game didnt support mac Probably in the next update should already be ava…
  • SalmonJEDl wrote: » So, I have a serious problem with the translation system: I can't log in. The only way I can access my account there is by using forgotten password -thing, which automatically logs me in after changing the password. But after l…
  • SalmonJEDl wrote: » I've checked the translation system, and it seems like a great concept! But the interface still needs lots of work to feel comfortable. Is there a way to give some feedback on that? Punkero wrote: » Just finnished my 2.30…
  • Can not find your GPU here, it would be good to wait some DEV answer ... Try: Or email: hugh @ unknownworlds . com
  • I started this discussion a while back...
  • Gideon999 wrote: » Is this actually live now? Do you have to start a new game to get access to it? You need to be on experimental version... You should get this message: (Spoiler)
  • MAYBE 1-6 Most of the items we carry in a trip is always the most basic: SeaGlide,Knife,Flashlight (maybe),food and Stasis Rifle (5 itens) no need to take item as builder, welder ... Also we have Cyclops, which has an internal storage, then when …
    in 1-0 Or no? Comment by PsyBoot April 2015
  • @GhoulofGSG9 Totally agree, now Lukas( @AceDude ) is working on more important things. But the "Sub Categories" like Artwork Forum, Mapping, Modding, Translation, Fan-Fiction Forum, New Player Forum, Technical Support, Server Discussion (Not all ,…
  • @GhoulofGSG9 I have some experience creating websites and forums, they can change a lot in the "skin"... so I still think that the changes would be good. I've never worked with Vanilla forums but others that I know of like, Invision Power Board, M…
  • "without collision"
  • Sup. You can try this: And Devs chat: And this topic:…
  • The idea of the developers is the last option. I think that, once you find a recipe, it should stay in the menu for good! They are working on it. Currently, only the items that needs alien stuff does not show on the menu. When you take the a…
  • Can u uplode the output_log? I am in the 16751 and works well, try update maybe it was already fixed the problem
  • simu wrote: » (Spoiler) If the item has an alien matter, as the computer chip you need the alien stuff or will not show on the fabricator
  • @iwillexplode Very strange for me usually works(sometimes difficult), have to find the right place to click climb / use the constructor... If only the message of "full inventory" or "pick…
  • In the current version believe that all players have this problem but i noticed that is a little better. My build: 16644 They probably already have noticed this problem. If you press F3 and disable the number 3 (Water Surface), the problem disapp…
    in Water bug Comment by PsyBoot April 2015
  • Nice +1 =D>
  • They are still working on balancing resources has been much worse than that ... The energy of SeaGlide ended in seconds'.I always carry with me: 1 PowerCell, 1 cooked fish, 1 disinfected water, 1 battery... I believe they will change that. But unti…
  • (Spoiler) I just think it would be cool You dont need be putting a corridor on top of another ooopsss wrong topic X_X
  • @Shtong Before opening the topic I'll wait a bit, I sent an email to Lukas( @AceDude ) , asking him to put some "gidelines" in the translation page...For now I'm basing myself in the instructions given by Steam and Natural Selection 2 translation …