Suggestion moonpole caves

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Ok here is an idea how about in the really deep areas adding moonpool caves



These caves would have between one and several entry points and the player would be able to breath in a few of them do to how the caves where formed

for example one of the caves could have a large colony of the brain coral bellow its entry that are constantly depositing oxygen in the cave. these caves, for game play these caves would be filled with bio luminescent rocks and "glow worms", the glow worms would be the important part of the caves as they can be harvested for material to make lights and glow sticks.

the caves them selves would have some interesting areas.

for examples

1. mine
info: a cave which has a large and I mean large amount of rocks which can be mined for 3 random metals each, this cave would be completely dark though, and would be deep down about 300m so a seamoth would be needed to get to it.

2. survivor?
info: a cave with a drained and heavily damaged seamoth near it, inside is as broken stats rifle, 2 flairs(one used) and a dead stalker floating in the moon pool. (implies that you are not the only survivor?)

3. singing cave
info: a 3 moon pool cave that has strange crystals in it that make "music" at random, this one would be oxygen filled as a large colony of the brain coral would be bellow it, it would also have strange eggs in it.

4. rock puncher den
info: a large moon pool cave that has several rockpunchers in it, though this makes it highly dangerous the cave would contain rare materials in abundance.


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