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    Some areas we are trying to keep as close to the original while attempting to make it our own while other areas have needed a complete overhaul and I imagine most people have noticed we have had to add a few extra rooms, for the mo…
    in ns2_hera Comment by Janos July 2014
  • GdFRv0X.jpg

    Trust us, we are working on it.
    in ns2_hera Comment by Janos March 2014
  • Alibi and I are actively working on Hera, it hasn't been forgotten or anything, we are just attempting to put it into a more playable state before releasing it to the public.
    in ns2_hera Comment by Janos March 2014
  • Sorry for the silence guys, I've had quite a few hectic months as of recently and had to put Hera on hold for a good while, but as a few know I am working on Hera and have been for the past few weeks so I haven't given up on it.

    I'll try…
    in ns2_hera Comment by Janos December 2013
  • Very impressive, nice find, I shall be using this in the future.
  • I've got the internet up and running here in my new place, I might be able to cobble together some time to show up on Sundays playtest, get some nice first hand experience finally on this map. Was always interested in what you were going to do with …
  • Heya folks, sorry for the severe lack of updates. Both Alibi and I have been very busy with real life, I had issues with my previous housing and now i'm currently moving to Ireland,
    but once I'm settled into my new place I'll be putting Hera d…
    in ns2_hera Comment by Janos August 2013
  • Might have to show up at the next gather just to give it a look see ;).
    in ns2_grendel Comment by Janos July 2013
  • Fair play biodome is looking absolutely beautiful, I can't wait to get my hands on it.
  • You plonker, what made you possibly think you could win a fight with heavy machinery? I almost had a heart attack when Howser told me last night..
    in ns2_caged Comment by Janos June 2013
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    Actually that was something we have discussed ;).
    in ns2_hera Comment by Janos May 2013
  • That was certainly a good read.
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    Agreed, I love that style.
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    Aye I thought the same when I originally saw the post.
  • Been waiting for this for a very long time and I'm glad it's in the works. From the concept it reminds me of a greener descent which is never a bad thing considering descent is drop dead gorgeous.
  • Sorry I missed the last session, spending a lot of time working on Hera at the moment and it's taking up a lot of my time. Though I have to agree with ObliviousSight that we may have to hold a second session, might be good for those that can't make …
  • Aye was there as well and it was a blast from the past, just with the current layout there are a few issues, just hope they are sorted for the next playtest.

    Try and be there next time! We usually have a great time.
    in ns2_lost Comment by Janos March 2013
  • Screenshots wouldn't go amiss or a layout overview. :)
    in ns2_lost Comment by Janos March 2013
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    lol, We agreed to only release a sort of teaser, Alibi has been working his ass off on getting the RR as perfect as possible with very little input from me. It's almost complete aside from an extra detail pass so expect screenies a…
    in ns2_hera Comment by Janos March 2013
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    Those are a WIP, expect them as a new feature in the next update!
    in ns2_hera Comment by Janos March 2013

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    Yeah we are actively attempting to keep ventilation grungy and dark as much as possible, also the map doesn't quite have the whole 'clean' theme, it is rather grungy in a few areas in ns2_hera Comment by Janos March 2013
  • Minecraft themed map Stardog?
  • Should have done a gentleman gorge. Love it.
  • It's interesting watching the current business model used by large publishers/developers in regards to 'AAA' games, if this was a AAA title under the thumb of some draconian publisher you could be guaranteed that this update would released as a dlc,…
  • Good Work is sort of an understatement, would have gone with something more along the lines of 'Outstanding work', now give gorgeous update... now...
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    Wasn't marines with parkinsons, it was the damn tram itself that seemed to be jittering all over the place, made it a nightmare to sit on it as an Onos.
  • Yeah we are working away on it, like Alibi said I've had a few issues with moving and he's been busy as hell these past few weeks/months so we haven't had a terrible amount of time to work on it.
    That said I'm back to working on Hera as often …
    in ns2_hera Comment by Janos February 2013
  • Loving the idea!

    Hmm, could I use an area that I have ready from Hera? Or does it have to be something completely new and different? I figured the entrance into Hera from the landing pad might work.

    Or would it have to be som…
  • Not entirely sure what happened with the development but something went horribly wrong, but at least it goes to show that it doesn't matter how much money you throw at a game it doesn't meant it will be AAA quality.
    I'm glad I spent my money …
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    Hmm might have to give that a look, for the moment I've been too busy with rl to get much mapping done, let alone play around with the new features of the editor.