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  • Just back after a very long absence (from NS1). I had the same concerns about players - and checked the steam charts - before buying NS2 (a few days ago).. No issues so far. Maybe more will come back!
  • Ignorance breeds Prejudice (etc etc) #C
  • Hi, I have exactly the same problem. I did a search before I posted, but didnt find any way to resolve it. DoD, CS etc are fine! It must be a NS bug I even uninstalled Steam, HalfLife and all mods completely (Went through the registry too). Then …
  • Hiya, thanks for the suggestions. I have tried updating the Sound card drivers from the Creative website. No joy there unfortunately. Archon... Do you use the soundcard built into your Shuttle? Any good? DoD and CounterStrike are totally fine ever…
  • It wasnt affecting me in 2.x Sob Ill try turning off a few 'tray' programs (like AV etc). Thanks, #C
  • Damn Its the same with the Beta 2 Patch. Still no map change without a Ctrl/Alt/Del. Any ideas? #C
  • Ahh just noticed there is a Beta2 Patch out. (Was out last night so didnt see it) I'll ty this first! #C
  • Ive said it before and I'll say it again! I believe that the resource model wont work as it stands. The teams are unbalanced at certain stages of the game and of course, the team with the upper hand at that point will (or should) use it to their …
  • I love NS. For once we are playing something that is truly original. Unlike the many FPS shooters out there. Game Balance seems to me to be a very tricky issue, especially when teams are as 'different' as in NS. I think that due to these differenc…