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  • Have the dev's ever said anything on the subject?
    Would love it if there was a fix.
    I had no idea moving Subnautica to another drive would make me lose sam.

    Almost like they'll have to make some sort of DLC for Steam so reins…
  • Reapers are no sweat for me. I had a pain in the butt one move into the "safe" shallows with me.
    Was a blast trying to park my Prawn / Seamoth in the Moonpools.

    My next play through I plan to build there or an overhang into the voi…
  • It's funny I play Empyrion and when I come into Subnautica I tend to mash the roll keys (usually when I run into a wall next to the hole) till I remember it doesn't have that function lol.
    That said while cool and add a bit to the game it does…
  • (Quote)
    You make a very good point and would have to agree. I would have to say with that point of view I could say we did live.
    Even if we did die though we could have been patient zero they would have brought our body home.
  • (Quote)
    Perhaps. But I maybe reading to much into it but I like to explore hidden meanings that "may" be there doesn't mean they are but fun nonetheless.
    Just at the hatching part she says that is her end and she (part of speech) "ma…
  • For me with the ending.
    Even though the computer told us we owed money and everything it got me wondering.
    Did we really survive?

    Think about it we get the Sea Emperor talking about in a sense death.
    She says "Now you g…
  • So the ending credits due isn't a fixed amount I take it.
    I only owed 1 trillion credits.

    Btw if you had a cuddlefish did you say farewell before you left?
    Went to play with it one last time and saw it had a new option.
  • I would think the radio has a back log and since it was damaged and we had to repair it the computer put them in a queue.
    So when we heard the messages they were already dead or dying.
  • (Quote)
    A lot lol.
    I made the mistake of jumping out of my Prawn while he was away to run inside my base for a min.
    Suddenly he returned and started playing with my Prawn.
    I've been using the Repulsion Cannon as my rolled…
  • He comes to visit me in my Moonpool.
    And on that note it's real run doing kamikaze Moonpool docking.
    He actually seems to chase off (or kill) stalkers. Since he moved in I stopped having my Scanner rooms camera getting stolen.
  • Cyclops = Big Tom
    Prawn suit = Tommy Boy
    Seamoth = Richard
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    Nope as I was showing the start of the game. I hadn't even fixed the pod.
  • (Quote)
    Just hit me. We escape the planet with our little rocket ship and start our journey home.
    We send out a message to "home" "I'm alive and left 4546B. Heading home."
    On the way some solar event happens and we're forced to…
    in Sub 2/DLC Comment by FearXI October 2017
  • Using glass weakens your base because of the normal glass.
    So for using glass on your base has a draw back and if you're not careful you could sink your base.
    Now the observatory doesn't because of the stronger glass.
  • Think total of 40 mins I figured wth and I crashed the game via Task Manager and it didn't corrupt the save but it didn't save anything and I'm back to an older save.
  • Granted I haven't been playing for hundreds of hours.
    But I'm fine with having to find what I need to craft something with.
    I'm used to keeping chests organized from playing 7 Days to Die so I always know where things are.
    What I w…
  • Thanks a ton guys. Was a bit demoralizing to put 32 hours into the save and (perhaps?) pretty far into the story to think you may have to start over.

    Also I was just playing around finding new scrap metal to make a new Cyclops (missing t…
  • Found a bug that is rather game breaking.
    After update I lost the ability to craft Advanced Wiring Kits in the fab.

    I'm hoping someone might know of an easy fix for it if I just have to (like I've read others do in some topics) del…
  • Ok so I'm forced to kinda hijack your post but has a title I would have used. New account and all.

    Found a bug that is rather game breaking.
    After update I lost the ability to craft Advanced Wiring Kits in the fab.

    I'm …