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  • I think that's a good Idea. It gives you more time to use the life-pod which I don't think you use for long enough.

    You should spend I'd say about 4 to 5 (maybe more) in-game days before you have enough resources to build and expand.
  • I think this is a bit of a yes and no answer. In a way I think that if this game is going to get better faster it should hire more staff and work on more projects quicker. If they plan to get bigger then I think we're asking enough from them, but if…
  • I think being able to tame a creature that you raise from birth in the aquarium is a great idea. Maybe certain creatures have different uses like:

    -stalkers can fetch those metal scraps around an area

    -Sand sharks could be li…
    in Pets? Comment by Cyan_ide March 2016
  • (Quote)
    (I quoted the wrong person. Still getting use to the website XD )

    Dude. If that is true then I really will enjoy this game a lot more.

    The only thing is that it doesn't feel right not adding lethal weapons o…
  • I agree with what you are saying however I still feel a bit empty with the base survival because once you understand the strategy of base building. There isn't any real threat or risk after that. If there was another element that made the survival p…
  • Imagine if after collecting and discovering all kinds of things, you come home while this massive storm is about and you leave your Seamoth outside your base and sleep till the storm is over (When they add beds). The next day you notice your Seamoth…
  • Has there been any talk about alien intelligent life in the game yet? (For the mid-late game)

    It would be really something if there was an underwater race that you find that is still in its basic civilization or tribal stage and has mixe…
  • What if they add turrets that you can build inside and outside your bases to defend you. A really annoying feeling I get is when I've built the base and I then feel pretty much indestructible. There's no dilemma of worrying about what is going to at…