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  • Very happy to hear about this!!

    Also, it would be really nice if you could allow us to use our Special Edition Hull Plates also in Below Zero.
    I know it is technically a different game... but... please? Please? Pleeeeeeease?<…
  • Sadly, the thing that has kept ns2 alive is the same one that has prevented it to succeed, and this is the server browser system:
    The fact that new players can't join their friends in the Main Menu of the game and choose "play a Marine game" o…
  • (Quote)
    In my case a Reaper appeared in the "Safe Shallows" just a few days before the official release of the game. I think that they released one Reaper around the shallows in a patch and they removed it shortly after.

    I have…
  • (Quote)
    Well, for starters a phase gate would require an immense amount of energy every time you want to phase something out. No matter if it works by dematerializing at one end and rematerializing at the other or just creating some kind o…
  • Thanks for all your work relaunching combat. It has been awesome to be able to play a few rounds of combat again.

    If the idea is to keep combat gameplay as similar as possible to vanilla (to be a possible way of training) then I would su…
  • I don't care much about this change.

    But I would strongly suggest to make gorge tunnels always do a constant sound. So they could always be heard from a certain (and quite large) distance.

    I know I will get tons of hate for t…
  • Removing something for absolutely no reason in this community is a clear example of pissing in the wind.

    (and yeah, I understand that you don't want to confuse new players with a weapon slot that is not a weapon, but you'll only achieve …
  • Statistically speaking I'm sure that it is better.

    But that certainly will make people angrier. Because it will seem an erratic system that substracts you skill points even when you win a round that you hard carried and yet other people …
  • Yes I have read your arguments several times because I respect you.
    My argument is that your points could be applied to absolutely any other game. And yet all of them show the number.
    And if those points are really a problem for you, the…
  • (Quote) I don't understand in what universe hiveskill is so dangerous and bad that must be hiden... and yet a badge indicating exactly the same (although with less significant figures) it is ok to show. The same people complaining now they will c…
  • (Quote)
    I completely disagree with that

    If that is true, maybe all other multiplayer games should also hide their ranking. Go tell LOL and other games players that now they are no longer bronze/silver/gold/etc... because some i…
  • They whitelist the new servers after a number of rounds have been played on them

    So, if you manage to populate your server and get some games going it will eventually be ranked
  • (Quote)
    You shouldn't obsess over the score, it is just a guideline. It doesn't mean much.
    There is not a single decent player who tries to maximize his score during a game.

    Some of the most fundamental actions in the gam…
  • (Quote)
    People who doesn't weld their hard carries lose more often and their team get less kills.
    Most players don't weld each other between fights, they just run around and get one-swipe killed by a mediocre fade with focus.
  • The black list of items will certainly be a nice addition

    In my opinion the fundamental problem of the webpage to vote time capsules is that it is not engaging. It should probably work like reddit and sort them by their amount of likes. …
  • Also great job with the short videos!!

    These two clips are great examples of how to easily explain something visually in a fun way

    Edit: btw that onos is dead, zero doubt about it in Update 321 - Live on Steam! - Natural Selection 2 Comment by Blrg February 2018
  • (Quote)
    It is funny that I just realized how silly it is that I often block onos paths as a marine :D
  • it depends on what parts of the map have been loaded.
    Yeah you have to swim around to load them.
    Maybe it also depends on your gpu vram or something like that if he remembers the diferents parts of the map after some time
  • If you are that afraid of the reapers, you can build a scanner room around there, and that allows you to track the position of the reapers
  • (Quote)
    Well, soon enough the whole galaxy will be plagued by the Kharaa infection, so don't worry. They will be paying quintillions to the ONLY PERSON IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE knowing how to cure it.
    Sit down and relax eating your marb…
    in It is done Comment by Blrg January 2018
  • (Quote)
    They don't respawn. At least mine didn't.
    Good luck with your hunt
  • (Quote)
    When you load the game is he still there?
    Then you could try to lure him out in the same way that you lured him in. (I suggest doing this with a seamoth, it is much more maneuverable). Think of it as a challenge and you will …
  • I don't use the drill arm, I prefer to punch them.

    Now is time for you guys to hunt a Reaper Leviathan and a Sea Dragon Leviathan
    The reaper is a really wild and fun ride
  • Fathom explained it perfectly.
    Power plants don't produce energy depending on your total base capacity, but on their individual capacity. And they get depleted 1 by 1.
    It is weird, but it is not a bug

    Go to your Thermal Plant…
  • In a perfect world a MAC would bring you the coffee

    They have been offering me coffee for 6 years now... and never brought me …
  • (Quote) Exactly

    I have a gigantic base, with all the insane illumination and oxygen that it produces. I even have several air pumps ejecting oxygen outside the base... and the consumption of this base is 0. I just needed one time to p…
  • @Olmy
    I highly appreciate you guys reading this thread at this stressful moment of the game development.
    I don't want to be annoying so I will insist on it just o…
  • (Quote)
    A rod doesn't last "hours", it last 10.000 energy. That can last you for just a few minutes if you are charging plenty of Cells, or it can last you forever even if you have 1000 moonpools.

    A Moonpool doesn't spend energ…
  • Currently (58791) each nuclear rod seems to give a total of 10.000 Energy before it gets depleted, which correspond to 8.3 full Cyclops charges with regular power cells, or only 1.6 cyclops with Ion power cells. (Not that we need more than a thermal…
  • (Quote)
    I clearly can understand his frustration regarding this point.