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  • ^that. And it wasn't me playing it. It was my dad. Damn game was so scary i couldn't leave the room for fear of being eaten alive. (i was what, ten?) Nothings given me nightmares since then, OH Except for one thing. PT. But we aren't allowed t…
  • Nothing is ever deleted, just put in an evidence chest. The chest is very. very. veeery large. it's also where we keep our Por--tfolio's. Ahem. So this thread is no longer needed, you can go Here If you want to continue Discussion. *Zip*
  • It also needs to be not valued too highly. I'm addicted to my map, i have it out all the time. Even when i die. (in-fact, it's usually the cause of me dying )
  • Those workshop mods Replace ALL Characters (who are running the model in question) So you still only have to render one character model. instead of 10 who are entirely different models.
    in NS2Free2PLay Comment by AurOn2 July 2016
  • I'll put this in the correct forum for you. Ah, you already made another post. i'll just close this one then.
  • Yojimbo wrote: » F0rdPrefect wrote: » .trixX. wrote: » (Spoiler) There isn't one. Just post them. (Spoiler) Any moment now, iron horse will swoop by and edit our posts with /spoiler tag Mua.. mua.. Muahaha... …
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  • Ns2 hasn't reached what one would call a "death spiral", so f2p isn't a necessarium for keeping the game alive, IMO. I don't think it would bring in enough players to justify all the hackers that will come with. Having another f2p weekend would …
  • You made a new thread before a mod could move this one, so i'll just close it. You're totally a robot though.
  • Hanny wrote: » I recently started playing NS2 again, and noticed I don't have a badge from backing the game but I do have my black armor. It's not a big issue but I was curious if there was something I had to do to get the badge, if it helps I …
  • I have build and map both bound to q, being my strength is positioning, not aim, so map knowledge is key for me to play well. If you don't have an officemouse (i.e one with no special buttins on it) I suggest you put if nothing else, microphone o…
  • Not anymore. RIP Pogostick. Now we have to walk, like normal plebs. *sigh*
  • MaxAmus wrote: » GhoulofGSG9 wrote: » Somehow our blog system decided to remove this update post Even the System is out of control. PM- Sent Skynet is real. I agree that marines need a "the aliens control the map we're screwe…
  • Sgt_Sass wrote: » Oh god please no more bars FTFY More screen clutter PLZ.
  • The only way i can think of objectives being implemented is with a rewards system, or they'll be ignored after people realise there's no point to doing them. new players, anyway. if the missions are of any importance they'll be done. by the grizzly…
  • coolitic wrote: » They said they would be more transparent and listen to the community. They could not have more perfectly done the opposite of the latter. You'd be amazed how difficult it is to hear constructive criticism in a huge crou…
  • You forgot a second /quote tag bro. FTFY.
  • F0rdPrefect wrote: » RevanCorana wrote: » The_Welsh_Wizard wrote: » NexZone30 wrote: » Hydras aren't useless, it'd be cool if they buffed them. People really just need to learn how to use hydras effectively. Webs definitely need a buf…
  • You're all forgetting one key thing: Mapmode toggles. All these ideas are well and good, but what if someone doesn't want them? (I.E they get a bit cluttery in say.. a 24v24 server? )
  • BeigeAlert wrote: » Wake wrote: » BeigeAlert wrote: » yogerman1997 wrote: » only want say hello You joined over two years ago, but are only now making your first post? Welcome to the forums! Steep learning curve …
    in Hello :D Comment by AurOn2 June 2016
  • AurOn2 wrote: » Valve doesn't have an option for particular operating system version is unstable etc etc, so blame valve. And you say i don't read.... There is a button that says "it runs on linux". "runs" is respective. There is no butt…
  • On a typical QWERTY Keyboard (US standard) You can find a list of commands Here
  • .trixX. wrote: » If you put out a product which advertises itself as compatible with an OS, I don't think it's the job of the purchaser to seek out the problems, rather the other way around. I'd dare say they broke a kind of legal agreement when t…
  • *sigh* Let's not make a 50 page thread with 20 pages of derailment. *grabs mop* Jobs done. Keep on topic Please.
  • *grabs the holy book of bughunting* Thou sayest the lord that you cannot ever hunt all the bugs, No game, update, shall be devoid of bugs, Especially on fucking linux. Amen. *puts holy book away* If you want to help out, start by finding bug…
  • The Implementation of the Grenade-launcher Attachment was the problem, not the idea. If you can come up with a Good implementation of it, it will most certainly be considered, if not Implemented outright. Everyone is more powerful now, so a small …