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  • Glad to hear its coming along Devs! I've taken a break from the game, no ill intent though, step away for a bit, come back, i think its all healthy in experiencing and participating in this game's growth. Can't wait for the new update, and when it c…
  • i can attest to the Frame Rate drop, as soon as i even approach and/or enter the seamoth the fps hits a severe snag. Unplayable really. I have 2 at the moment on my current save. I have try this proposed solution, which I've seen others comment on a…
  • I can definitely add that I have the same issue... riding seamoth = 1fps. I havent tried the proposed solution, but i'm willing to try anything as the seamoth is just sitting there....waiting.
  • Im all for updating and hot patches and bug fixes....but really the most important thing is our saves. 24hrs in on perma and it would be a shame to lose it, in any way. New content should not have to be a sacrifice for old saves.
  • All upgrades are in, scanning is broken.
  • Same issue here, 30 hours in, seamoth breaks the framerate to about 1.
  • Disappointed to see that this is the case...here I was thinking I needed to add or upgrade something to make it work. I'm having the same issue, scanner room is just sitting there. Just a room, albeit a cool looking one.
  • ever? I say just not in the present. If the game continues receiving support, and growth, it'll be in their best interest as a business to expand the game. Tomorrow, next week or next year, better have the option open.
  • Something along the lines on the PADI Diving program, all based on real-life obtainable certifications (achievements!):

    Wreck Diver - Explore a Wreck
    Advanced Wreck Diver - Explore all wrecks
    Cavern Diver - Explore a Cave...c…