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  • I have applied! I would love to get involved and can be available for both of the NAPT times.
  • Also, I think I still have my second copy from when I first purchased NS2 that I can gift you if you cant get this worked out.
  • this is what mine looks like...
  • When i first attempted to play it worked fine, after the third launch it started doing this, i even reinstalled and still nothing
  • I have this same issue
  • QUOTE (Vahn Paktu @ Feb 15 2005, 08:01 PM) I have been around since 1.0. I just don't post a lot yet I check the forums everyday. More then once I might add. Same
  • Seriously lock this I cant stand the kids anymore, I thought if I went away and ignored their posts they would go away, but apparently they are still here. I wish my fellow team mates would have done the same.
    in Tsao Jump Comment by Acrylic April 2005
  • Thanks, one of our members is actually black. I bet your not so perfect your self. I find it more immature of you posting a picture of something thats disabled by filter attempting to make someone else look "bad" if you can even call it that. This i…
    in Tsao Jump Comment by Acrylic April 2005
  • I posted this here for people who were interested in seeing some cool jumps, not so people could complain how "big" it is and that they dont have broadband. If you cant or dont want to downlaod it fine then ignore the post please.
    in Tsao Jump Comment by Acrylic April 2005
  • Whatever kind of server admin that would put HLGaurd on his/her server without reading up on if its 100% bug free with NS is a .... There are lots of known issues with HLG and NS and should not be used. Even the developers say the same thing, along …
  • Ill be testing this on my server tonight
  • Spores do seem like they would be very overpowering. Amzaingly they didnt really do that much, the marie tema always found a way around it. They do still however cause an alien advantage and we thought about decreasing the dps on the gas.
  • QUOTE (Rapier7 @ Mar 2 2005, 06:37 PM) FueL, NS is already a successful mod. And for reasons already stated, your rules suck because you give the marines too much of a slant in the early game. Yeah well CS was and is a successful mod also, an…
  • This is nice, very good work.
  • Its one of those things you actually have to try before you can even judge it, as the saying goes "Dont judge a book by its cover". The people who actually played with it including my self found that what at first seemed totally insane and a bad ide…
  • I have made very large custom icons, the biggest that looks the best was 45x80
  • As of now the hive heals its self and not players, this is because its harder to kill a CC than a Hive, we think.
  • I have every publicly released version, client side and server side hosted over at my site, just click Downloads then pick Server/Client Downloads. EDIT: Its mirrored and on the list at the bottom, link is here
  • Mirrored here visit
  • I dont know how many songs are on the other site but I have 49 on mine. once your there click Downloads then click Media Downloads. Enjoy. If I am missing any please inform me!
  • Cool, can u send us all free games now? Just kidding. I don't talk much around here but I think this deserves a reply from all. Good luck and best wishes on your future.
  • ASE is horrible.
    in Hlsw Comment by Acrylic May 2004
  • i hope he doesnt have a problem i was just warning him in advanced, i didnt want to put him down or nething, i hope it came out right.
  • Delta-Snipe, nothing is unlimited, one you start using more than a gig you host will contact you and complain, and if you ignore them they terminate your account, there are every few reliable web hosts that offer unlimited space if any. i have been …
  • What you see in cs is the commandmenu, and that is not available in ns, but you could probably do the same thing with echo's. CODE Make a new file in your ns directory called taunt.cfg, in that file put this: //Autotaunt #2 alias w  "wait" alias mw…
  • i already mentioned i could split and host the files
  • I could split up the entire .exe into small parts like 5 or 15 megs each and host them for you, you download all the parts and put them together