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    Okay, so I know this has probably been discussed before but how about an in game map for the Xbox version? We don't, or can't access x,y,z coordinates to find things. I an at the very tail end of the game. I found out I need the Cyclops shield generator to complete the Neptune rocket. Guess what the only blueprint in the game is that I don't have. Take 2 guesses and the first one doesn't count. I have visited all the wrecks that supposedly have this datapad upgrade in it with the exception of the one in the Sea Treaders path. Why have I not visited it you ask? Because I can't find the damn thing!! The interactive map is absolutely zero help for Xbox players as it gives general direction only. If you're a pc player all you have to do is match the coordinates. Bingo, you're there. A map please! So I can at least approximate where I am in relation to my life pod and while looking at maps online.
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    Hello devs,

    I'm playing xbox one, and I'm stuck in a predicament, so I'm here to request a feature/patch to help (probs not just myself.)

    So either, can you implement a reset character function from the pause menu, or can the prawn suit not produce o2 when the power cells have run out. anything to get me unstuck

    I love the game and have put 3 days into it but I can't bring myself to start over haha, thanks for reading.

    Much love Microwave
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    Devs i dont mean to sound like a pain but could you bring back consol commands for xbox one
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    When will it be again Languages Hungary Subtitle?
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