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    Okay, so I know this has probably been discussed before but how about an in game map for the Xbox version? We don't, or can't access x,y,z coordinates to find things. I an at the very tail end of the game. I found out I need the Cyclops shield generator to complete the Neptune rocket. Guess what the only blueprint in the game is that I don't have. Take 2 guesses and the first one doesn't count. I have visited all the wrecks that supposedly have this datapad upgrade in it with the exception of the one in the Sea Treaders path. Why have I not visited it you ask? Because I can't find the damn thing!! The interactive map is absolutely zero help for Xbox players as it gives general direction only. If you're a pc player all you have to do is match the coordinates. Bingo, you're there. A map please! So I can at least approximate where I am in relation to my life pod and while looking at maps online.
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    Hello devs,

    I'm playing xbox one, and I'm stuck in a predicament, so I'm here to request a feature/patch to help (probs not just myself.)

    So either, can you implement a reset character function from the pause menu, or can the prawn suit not produce o2 when the power cells have run out. anything to get me unstuck

    I love the game and have put 3 days into it but I can't bring myself to start over haha, thanks for reading.

    Much love Microwave
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    Devs i dont mean to sound like a pain but could you bring back consol commands for xbox one
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    When will it be again Languages Hungary Subtitle?
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    Sorry if this is not the right place for this, I have searched the internet quite a bit but can not really find an answer. As far as the base PS4 and base Xbox One, is there any sort of consensus on which console the game runs better on? Or are they about the same at this time with all the updates?
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    hi, devs,

    I've been playing subnautica on Xbox one for quite a while now and I've been loving it but there's an issue I was wondering is gonna be fixed at some point the issue is that animations and sound fx for hatches and bulkhead doors in bases I've been working on when I reload the save later will be missing and the camera will just glitch. :)
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